Feasting On Thoughts – Are You Caught In Negative Thinking?

How can you recognize your thought process caught in negative thinking?  Here’s an idea! Imagine an amazing feast that magically passes through your brain, one that automatically and continuously serves up courses. An imaginary banquet of thoughts!

Interaction with the banquet’s chef is most helpful.  For a satisfactory meal you need to choose your courses.  If you neglect to order (choose) exactly what you want, you will receive what you previously ordered. This chef is not aware of what makes you feel good or bad. The chef will serve up platters that contain old, poisonous food, food that leaves you with suffering and indigestion if this is what you have eaten in the past. The buffet must go on. The more you eat similar dishes, the more frequently these are served up to you.  The imaginary conveyor belt drops off the same old food over and over with a few new platters left somewhere in the periphery

The new platters with fresh servings are overlooked, however, as the familiar poisonous servings fill your appetite.  Sometimes you remember you can eat anything you wish, but it seems almost impossible for new dishes be eaten ….  the chef has grown accustomed to serving up the old dishes, and, you keep forgetting that there is any other kind of meal.  You continue to suffer with indigestion and sometimes wish for new dishes yet you willingly eat the same old dish when it is served up.

In this imaginary game, we would need to stop the conveyor belt and become conscious of all the awesome possibilities before we eat another thing.  Only then could we choose a new dish that was healthy for us, the one that makes us feel good after we eat it.

Your thought process is a banquet of ideas that can lead to possibilities and to creation.  A banquet of thoughts are served up continuously.   You have the power to order whatever you like. With your thoughts you can accomplish anything and everything you wish. The thought-chef does not care what you choose.  But remember the banquet story: if you don’t choose, you’ll be dished up with the same old negative thoughts that you’ve listened to all your life.

Take a moment today to identify all the familiar thoughts that create obstacles to enjoying life.  If you wish to locate your happiness try to order a positive, fresh thought or two upon rising each morning.  You’ll find a richer, happier day awaiting you.  One positive thought of gratitude will bring a serving of another, and another.  Fill your banquet table with thoughts of happy anticipation, appreciation and presence of nature; learn a new language; exercise or dance! Don’t worry when you notice your thoughts have been argumentative, painful, and downright poisonous in the past.  As soon as you order a different meal, and consistently order meals of positive thoughts of gratitude, happy planning, wishing and doing, the negative thoughts will be a thing of the past.  Stay with it and you will find your life is healthy, wealthy and happy!

Published by Manny & Barbara Dean Aliaga

Manny and I spend our days as close to creative projects as possible. We inflate our views with as much positivity as we dare muster. We come up out of the clouds of adulthood and find joy. Manny is a great cook. He shines at being a brilliant listener, and loves to test, encourage and applaud the perceived success of others. Barbara is joyful creativity. She wakes up with hope and sets about showering her world with buds of ideas and ways of thinking.

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