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Careful Planning Makes The Most Of An Interview

Artist Michael Aliaga

It has become quite a popular statement to say that you have been out of work for over a —  (and then you state the time).  The statement does nothing to get you back to work.  It is a complaint statement and it keeps you right where you are — unemployed.

Unemployment!  Is It Possible to Get a Job These Days?  Sure it is!  While times are reported on the news to be hard, think about what’s going on in all thriving companies.  There is always constant turnover within any company.  Women and men make decisions to leave and become the center stronghold of their family life.  Others decide to work closer to home and family and relocate.   Yes, family is becoming a central decision-maker for most households and this may be a new result of the recession.  In other words, dreams of a bigger car, a bigger house, etc., is being replaced with dreams of a happy and healthy family.  Jobs are available.   Employees are people.  They get sick, have accidents, go on extended vacations, leave for greener pastures.  Every company has a human resource department for hiring new employees to replace the old.  They may try to get along with fewer employees but in the end they are required to employ replacements if they wish their business to grow.

Traditional ways to advertise their open position has changed dramatically.  Newspaper classified ads were replaced with internet classifieds.  Yet of late, employers are wary of placing an ad to see so many unprepared jobseekers.  The evolution of hiring may now focus more on promoting from within the company and then hiring new, entry-level employees.  These candidates need to prove they are assets not only to the task at hand, but to the harmony among the employees already present.  It is not uncommon for employees to recommend new candidates.  Employees know best the culture of the company and who will “fit in”.

Here’s some thoughts to get the job you want when an interview is offered to you!

I’ve worked in management one way or another most of my life.  The words of advice I am about to share with you is already known by you.  But something happens when you are the one without the job, asking to get inside.  You seem to leave all the common sense you possess at the door; all the successful experiences you have stacked up from raising children, keeping a roof over your family’s head, cooking the most magnificent meals, making the beds, paying the bills, teaching your children to drive, helping them toward college, not to mention your previous career experience.  I humbly but firmly offer these words:

Put all fears in their place!   

Phrases that employers hear all the time and do not impress:

Once you’ve put your fears in their place, you will remove the artificial facade.

Remember, the person you are selling is yourself.  It is the same person who will be coming to work every day after you are hired.  Try to let your unique light out, your personality.   Your confidence comes from your heart, not from your brain.  So if you find yourself sweating, you are coming from your brain, not your heart!  Deal with your fears before your interview and you will succeed.  Good luck!

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