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Commitment to Write: Day 11 February 2019

Ways to Change Defective Thinking!

INTRODUCTION: Our thoughts change from event to event. You probably are not even aware of what is taking place. Whatever you choose to think about changes your perspective. You look at your phone, hear a song streaming in the distance, answer a question from your mate, hear the dryer beep in the distance, all in a matter of moments. Depending how many thoughts are unknowingly passing through, you may sense a range and intensity of emotions. When emotions are on the less-desirable side, it you have the power to change the direction of your thoughts.

Little do you realize the thoughts you entertain become the limiting force for your vision.  You are fine tuning conditions to reflect the kind of struggles in which you focus.  These are thoughts about outcomes you don’t want.  Even though you may use the word wish in your internal dialogue, you are thinking about all the dangers the future can hold, like too much stress and too little financial security.   I know this is hard to believe, but once you see it you will know it is true.  You create your reality.  No one else. 

A book I’m working on, a Personal Growth Non-Fiction Book: YOU THINK IT! YOU GET IT!

One way to describe defective thinking is found in my latest self-help book:

Consider this. We flip a light switch on and we expect a room to flood with light. When we do not receive the expected effect, we look for what is blocking the light. We may change a light bulb or replace a defective switch. We may ask an electrical device to turn on the lights with our voices. When a light system is defective, we replace the defective part. The electrical energy is no longer blocked, and the light is again flooding our room.

Think of happiness as light flooding our life. Our attitudes can be like defective switches. We can block the energy of happiness creating the light of ease, of things working out. When things are not working out for us, replace the thought with a working thought. We can be clever and replace our defective thoughts with thoughts to support our desires.  

I don’t always see my thoughts as defective. I begin a complaint and think of it as sharing my life. Negative thinking is the normal way of living. … When we have defective lives, (lack of health, lack of money, lack of friends and family, etc.), the negative situations create feelings of helplessness, guilt, fear and regret, and, oh yes, a lack of what we think makes us happy. What if we were to interpret the feelings of defective lives as stop signals telling us to change the way we are thinking. Just as changing a lightbulb, we could change our negative attitudes toward living. What if we changed the defective thought and connected with the ever-present happiness?

Look for the similarity between the light switch and your attitudes. Keep the flow of happy juices flowing and you will be working just fine!

A quote from GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages

Create thoughts that will serve you.

Explore how you think about your life and find better-feeling statements. 

Think of your attitudes as a dimmer light switch. The new statement may allow you to feel happier. A little light comes in. Create an even better statement and you may feel even better and more light comes in. It is a process of changing the feelings you don’t want, for feelings easier to take.

As you continue on this journey, you will see a change in the people and environment around you. You will have more energy. You may even notice people are changing — like, they are so nice now! But your perception has changed. This is a really, really good thing

A quote from GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages

There are infinite paths to take at any moment. Your thoughts are the scope of your personal reality. What do you see? What is your experience? How do you feel? The answers to these questions show us where our thoughts take us at any moment. After sharing my thoughts with you, I am deeply satisfied. I look out the window and see the trees covered with snow. Ice and layers of snow outline the exquisite branches of our Thunder Plum trees. I am enjoying piano music in the background. The house plants are blooming inside. It is cozy. I am confident my thoughts are leading me to my personal life goals. Beautiful, beautiful, peaceful invisible spirit within and visibly demonstrated in my physical self at this moment. Thank you for asking, I am fine!

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