Commitment to Write: Day 12 February 2019

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Uncomfortable Emotions Are Our Friends

Ever get up in the morning feeling great only to become irritated by some small. little matter? Perhaps you feel a pain in your back and worry about getting older. –You stub your toe, your toothbrush falls on the floor.

This irritation is an emotion. You may not be aware the worry of advancing years is a negative thought. These thoughts emote energy and are there to help you navigate away from the worry to a calmer, more peaceful state. Emotions trigger alert signals: Slippery when wet. Your attitude is on a slippery slope. Change your way of thinking, get as far away from the worry and you will be on dry, happier ground.

Worrying about getting older is a good example of subtle negative thinking. What good is this thought. We measure life with timelines. It has no meaning but what we give it. Worrying about it places self-imposed limits to what could be a great, fun-loving life. Resisting the obvious keeps us in a life-slipping pattern of going nowhere. If not nowhere, resistance keeps us from enjoying the level of happiness we are capable of.

As a child, I often experienced anger. I disliked and sometimes feared situations. I didn’t like the feeling of anger and I felt helpless. I kept asking where it was coming from.

One way of dealing with anger was to blame my parents, my siblings, my friends, my teachers. But anger still came through me.

Another way of dealing with anger was to blame myself. But anger felt even worse.

In time I found that anger was not a person. It was and is a message, an alert energy message. The message is always sent (just like the sign above) without judgement. It is sent to help me navigate through self-defeating thoughts in my life; thoughts that do not serve me. I can understand the message to emotions and respond with a more positive thought. I have the power to continue the happy lifestyle I so want.

The Emotion of Happiness, Painting by Barbara Dean Aliaga

The emotion of happiness is my best friend. When we are apart I am most unhappy. I wish readers would share their experiences dealing with emotions. It is an area that holds critical interest for me. We have an opportunity to learn from people from around the world. How do you respond to your emotions? How important are emotions to you? Is happiness the most important goal of your life? Or, is something else inspiring you. Please share your thoughts to widen this discussion.

I’m certain of one thing. Everyone wants to be happy!

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