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Commitment to Write: Day 16 February 2019

Play Like There’s No Tomorrow!


We might ask ourselves if depression occurs in our brain after years and years of negative thinking. It is never too late to turn around and find a new path to feel better. We are free to choose slightly better thoughts and stop focusing on the negative. 

Survive until rescued by Happiness. Breathe and receive better feelings, no matter how small. 

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Fun is a state of mind. You don’t need an objective benchmark to know if you are enjoying yourself. You can be lounging in your home, reading a good book, gardening, painting, creating a new recipe, talking with friends, redecorating, shopping, walking, dancing, swimming, or even cleaning up a corner of the world you have special fondness for. You know you are having fun when you can breathe deeply, smile easily and love the one you are with!

Happy Saturday! Best to you, Barbara

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