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Think of a mask as part of your wardrobe!

Face Masks with your favorite dogs

There’s never been a better time to be kind!

You may not have noticed, but protective face masks have been sitting in the corner of doctors’ offices over the last few decades. It was a federal government guideline required as a Medicare Provider.

Patients were directed to use the available masks when they had symptoms of a cold or flu. Patients wore face masks in the office as a courtesy to staff and other patients.

In the days before the Coronavirus became a pandemic, masks were a quiet way of life for a few sick people who thought of others over the embarrassment of standing out.

Fast forward to the present day, when tens of thousands of COVID19 cases are reported daily in the US, we witness people who still continue to ignore the courtesy of protection for others.

When cold and flu season required a few to wear masks in the past, masks were worn without drama. When flu was particularly dense in our city population, it was common to see people wear masks. It was a courtesy. It was an act of kindness to others.

Today, kindness is taking the backseat. We can still see people, old and young, with big smiles on their faces, walking into stores, getting gas, walking up to your door. We hear people say they don’t believe COVID19 is a real thing. We hear the same amount of people died last year and this year, We hear this thing will pass away on its own. We hear there are only a lot of cases of COVID19 because we are testing too much. We hear this is nothing but the flu.

All these statements appear to defend against wearing a protective mask.

We are made to think that we mask-wearers are all sheep and will soon be led to slaughter. It is certainly a peculiar time of defying common sense.

At the same time we hear that there are recommended medicines, drugs and cleaning products that can treat & prevent COVID19. It is indeed a peculiar time.

The question is, have we lost our way? Have we become sideline experts, speaking as if we were authorities, yet not accountable for the outcome?

If we are ever to get out of this nightmare, we need to keep things simple. We need to agree to disagree and act in the sanest way we can. This is a pandemic. This virus is hitting all continents of the world. It holds the power to bring us all together or tear us all apart.

This is our choice. The first pandemic in one hundred years! It is not a time to discuss with little action, to argue, to compete with the best way of doing things, to refuse to cooperate. It is time to relocate our better selves. It is time to learn what matters, what has always been steady in our lives so far.

It is time to be kind.

— Barbara Aliaga

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