How Hard Is It To Draw A Picture of Your Pet

It isn’t hard at all to draw! It is hard, however, to get over the fears that you aren’t good enough to be an artist. Many of us think we cannot draw or paint. You’ve heard folks say, I can hardly draw stick figures. But even if you start with a stick figure, you are definitely on your way to drawing your pet.

There are so many ways to begin. Imagine having this skills! What a delight it could bring to you! Be creative! Start with straight lines, then circles, shapes. You can use objects around you to trace. That may get you started.

Let the child within have a little fun and soon you will see drawing and painting skills are included in the human package.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Perhaps you can find an empty notebook lying around the house, or you may have an APP on your iPad with drawing features. Find a pencil, paints, chalk, pen or charcoal, locate a paper to draw on and begin!

What you draw is not for others to judge, and really, not for you to judge. Just begin. Think about the current or last pet you had and begin to draw how you feel. Let yourself be jolly and free as you sketch out some lines. This is your first draft so there are no mistakes, only new avenues to see how you feel about your pet.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Chances are you may feel silly and try to defeat your efforts. These feelings help us to realize that it is we who stand in our way towards honing new skills. Take a moment and discover the secret you. Here’s how it will help you during these challenging times:

If you are inclined to share, please do and tell the story about your pet and .your experiences in artistic expression. We would love to hear.

I had originally started to share with you the drawings from Manny. He drew as a young child and adult, but as his hands became more arthritic, he stopped even trying. In the beginning of this year as we were staying close to home, I set him up on an iPad and a drawing APP. He took to it, tried and created numerous portraits of dogs. As his shoulders and back arthritis increased, he found it pretty painful to draw and slowed up a bit.

I took his drawings and set them in designs for products. The following are the ones he has created this year. The number is impressive. Manny loves dogs. He’s the guy who is wide-eyed and smiling broadly at you as you walk your dog. There isn’t a dog he doesn’t love. He is made of dog energy! I hope these dog paintings from an iPad inspire you to begin!

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