Month: October 2020

Keeping Up Creative Impulses!

Ever thought of designing your own sneakers? It can be the most healthy thing to do today? What do you think? There’s a world of happiness jus waiting for you to smile in. Go out and create something!

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Pattern Formula

Sneak Preview of New Collection

One of the Apps I am adoring right now is Adobe Capture. It’s available on my iPhone and, oh, so much fun! I remember as a kid, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope! And this is what Adobe Capture brings to you via “pattern”. It boggles my mind with delight! Really!

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Does Suffering Ever Stop?

What do you think? Where does suffering come from? Why do we hold on to suffering? How can we maintain a sense of a happy life during difficult times.

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Elegant, Beautiful Golden Sunset Reflection

For me, art is the action of playing with the unknown. It takes bravery, lightheartedness and kindness to self. Enjoy!

Do you have any questions about art? I’d be glad to answer whatever I can.

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Daydreaming Quarantined in Key West

I think daydreaming can be helpful when it’s on the positive side of things. One of the most unique places I have ever visited is Key West. It still holds for me a sense of heart art!… for more…

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Tai Chi Animal Styles

Tai Chi Qigong Animal Styles. Have a fun time browsing.

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