The development of authentic power requires choosing harmony over discord, cooperation over competitions, sharing over hoarding, and revering Life instead of exploiting it.

Gary Zukav
Camano Island Artists

Imagine a world where people pledge to live in harmony with one another.  

  • How would it look in your home?
  • How would that look in your neighborhood?
  • How would it look in your city?

What are some of the ways you can choose harmony over discord?

This may not seem important to you.  I am convinced it is key to bringing our living conditions in line with our desire for peace, for happiness.

So, how can you support harmony over discord?  …when kids are in remote schooling?  when everyone seems on top of each other?  when things have changed from how we liked it?

For me, I have to return to consciousness. By that I mean, I have to become more aware.  I am awake but ignorant of the river of thoughts passing through my mind.  I am reading news stories and my mind is serving up ways to react.  Dreams.  Dreams. Dreams.  Until I return to a conscious state and yet, before I know it, I am back to receiving thoughts from the outside — from family, from computers.  I pass the mirror and see no smile on my face.  I wonder where I have gone.

So, for me, the first step to harmony is regaining consciousness of me.  I then rediscover my special vault of wisdom, confidence, compassion for others …in other words, love.

And, it is only within this vault can I experience Authentic Power.

Over 25 years ago, I discovered Gary Zukav’s book, Seat of the Soul and my heart was happy to find someone who could touch the seat of my soul.  I used this quote in many ways during my time at work.  Together we created an exceptional atmosphere to serve our patients.  

During this season, let’s try to regain our own awareness in order to experience the joys of living on this harmonious earth!  Once we find our conscious state, we are free to enjoy, to love.  

Each of us can change challenging realities.  Choosing consciousness is the single act that will bring about harmony over discord, cooperation over competition, sharing over hoarding and reverence for life over exploitation.

I hope this was helpful.  Please let me know. 

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