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Never Give Up ....

Okay, I don’t deny it.  Gray, winter days can challenge the best and happiest of hearts.  

I just had a little talk with myself.  Yep.  I took an honest, long look into my eyes and I was certain I was about to give up.  These days of distancing myself have gone from days, to weeks, to months and now it’s becoming clear it may become a way of life.  Do I want to give up?

So I stared at those sad, almost 75-year-old eyes.  Not really angry.  Not really sad.  Just different.  Just not the eyes I’m accustomed to viewing.  I asked those eyes if they were ready to give up.  “Not a bad idea,”  i heard myself answer.  

But then I asked, “What else do you want to do with your life, anyway?”


…and I saw a glitter in my eye. What about designing and sewing up a new outfit?  How about designing your own material?  Oh, that twinkle of life forced itself out and through my eyes.  I recognized it immediately and I laughed!  That old twinkle and that old wise laugh erupting from my eyes.  It was making fun of me!  … in a kind sort of way.  It knew something about love and life and it knew I was temporarily a little off.

My eyelids framed the delight, the humor of the situation.  I am retrieved.  I am restarted, updated, revived!

Oh, I am happy about those visits to my soul through my eyes. Once again,  I can thrive and create and love.  I will meet winter’s challenge, and spring will come again!

Never Give Up!
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