Girl’s Fabulous Family 

Coordinated family parties can be memorable even with limited socializing.  With the use of Zoom and a decision to make the day special, even a sweet sixteen family party can be fun.  Lots of food, Lots of good cheer can make break through and become the epic birthday of an adults memory!

Cooking With Kids

I know I talk a lot about cooking with kids, but I believe kids can start “cooking” when they are toddlers.  

A child who can stand up on a chair without falling can be given a head of lettuce and told to tear it apart into a bowl,  “You’re cooking!” Mommy’s excitement falls into a hug!

And, who doesn’t want to knead bread dough?  There are so many ways to get children involved in preparing treats for the family.  

I promise it’s a skill your child will use through life!

This mug of a cute Doberman Pincher Puppy with flowers in his mouth is adorable. Bright yellow with spring green handle ...
This mug of a mother and child giraffe creates a beautiful scene for your coffee or tea break. Giraffes symbolize self-a...
Everyone needs a gift to say “Thank You” to family friends or neighbors who have helped you out. This cut can be mailed...
Imagine a day in a beautiful park with canvas paints warm rich landscape and time for painting. I’d Rather Be Painting ...

A Cuppa Tea, a  Coffee Cup

Cups hang around the kitchen for more years than you would like to admit.  Have you used the same cup for so long, you no longer really look at it.  

You can probably afford a small cup every six months.  It’s like getting a whole new make-over.  An eye-catching cup, held with beautiful warm liquid to uplift the way you feel about your day, is mighty important.

It’s worth thinking about!

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