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Can you guess the impact a piece of mail makes?

Today I have a fun Smiling Husky Dog who says it all!

...and I have a happy howling Beagle....

.... and some boobie woogie as played only as my brother, Rich, does! He started early and is still going strong. Take a listen.... He opened for Earl "Fatha" Hines in San Francisco when he was too young to drive. My father proudly dropped him off and picked him up from our Berkeley home. Fun sibling memories!b

Here's a gentle card for those who are going through very difficult times. You may not hear people asking for help or even wanting help, but a card sent to someone in need will quietly be appreciated. You may never hear how it was received, but I promise the impact is deep and meaningful.

Well, as our Husky dog tells us, 'that about sums it up'! See you tomorrow! Spread the love around your household and see what happens!

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