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Upcoming Birthday? Give It Your Best!

Happy Birthday Surprises
You can do it! A little forethought, a birthday can arouse the happy spirit within. Think about music, a great menu, and yes, cake! Just a few props will put interest into your day and raise the house with good feelings.


So, look around your house and find those old tablecloths, bag of silly balloons, whistles and funny hats, pick some branches and flowers from the garden. Make a card, and put it in the mail so it’s a surprise, invite a few people to join in a Zoom Happy Hour. If your loved one loves to cook, invite him or her to join you in making the most wonderful cake ever …. and you clean up!
Make it a fun day for you and the Birthday King or Queen!


Here’s some items, we made for girls 11 to 111.   If you are interested, bookmark this page and drop back when you are looking for some party essentials items to enhance yours.
All are easy to personalize!


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