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Hang out with affirmations. Sustain a contented lifetime.

Hang out with affirmations. Sustain a contented lifetime.
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I have several affirmations that inspire me. I'd like to write my feelings about these words. Here goes.....

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I am the solution.

I have a tendency to analyze situations that occur, especially the unwanted ones.  When I involve the actions of others in my accounting, it becomes really tricky.  

Why do I need to account for how others participate in my events.  I have no power over their actions or words.. I need to remember, we all see from our viewpoint.  Only I can “see” from my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch.

It is me who will determine my response.  It is only me who will choose a solution that will work for me.

I am the solution.

I can find my way.

While it is important to “listen” to the advice of professionals and wise experts, my intuition also guides me along my life’s path.  The road I travel may not be understood by many, but I would sell myself short if I did not take it.

The thing of it is, I cannot really find my way until I am willing to leave my comfortable place and way of thinking, and leave my family and friend’s thinking for me.

When I am finding my way, which I know I can do, I feel as if I am alone much of the time.  Alone, but not alone.

Finding my way is why I am here.  I can find my way

Things always turn out for me.

Things don’t seem to turn out immediately in some situations, but in the end of any event or situation, things always turn out for me.

I try to remember this whenever fearful situations raise their ferocious heads.

It is only scary if I let thoughts of my imagined fear into my beautiful, whimsical, wonderful world of beyond physical.  Fear cannot live without my energy.

Things always turn out for me, and the sooner I remember this, the sooner I let them turn out!

I find contentment from within

This is my affirmation which reminds me to meditate, to quiet my monkey brain

I find contentment in nature.  I like to sit on a rock or a piece of driftwood at the beach.  I experience moments of plain old contentment — nothing fancy.

No one can give me enough money or love or attention or praise to create contentment for me.

I am already content within myself. I — and you — came this way. This knowledge is priceless.

It doesn’t need to be measured or counted.  It is enjoyed. Contentment lives with quiet, confident joy.

I find contentment from within.  No one gives it to me.  No one can take it away from you or me, either.

I am my best friend

I love to tell this story, and probably bore you with it, but I think it is so powerful.

Many times I wish I had a best friend.  It saddens me when they don’t show up.  Then I remember.

There is only one person who will be with me throughout my entire life.  Can you guess who that friend is?  Not my parents, not my siblings or childhood friends, and during the pandemic, not even my children and grandchildren.  So who can I depend on as a best friend?  You guessed it!

I figured out a long time that even with all the friends and family I have and love dearly, I must first be a friend to me and treat myself as well as I know I should treat others.  I can only love when I hold love that lives within.

I am my best friend!

I am but a spec of a drop in this big beautiful world

This affirmation helps me to breathe.  It is my humility affirmation.

Yes, I want to do my best for myself and for others.  Yes, I don’t understand the actions or words from people who appear mean spirited.

But I am but a spec.  I am not as big as a sequoia or as tall as the majestic Glaciers in Yosemite.  I am part, a tiny tiny part, of this big beautiful world.

If I lead, it is because someone follows.  But I cannot make anyone follow me and I do not need to follow anyone else. This goes for saving or changing people’s minds.

I need to be a best friend with myself and share this love with others.  I don’t need to find fault, but instead be inspired by the excellence I see where ever I  see it.  …and this is all that I expect of myself.  And, I can find my way.

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