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Lead With Your heart – Card Confirms Healthy Relationship

Lead With Your Heart -

Lead With Your Heart -

Art and Nature open our hearts. A rose uplifts our feelings and opens our hearts.

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The focal point of my greeting card is intended to inspire family, close friends & spouses. The rose is beautifully symbolic of relationship.


The integrity of each bloom unfolds around the other. Yet each petal creates its own position, color, twist and turn.  I sometimes think of this display as “independent cooperation.”  I am trying to move towards the term “collaboration”.  John Spencer has an interesting article on this subject HERE.


From different point of view, the foundation of the rosebud, the stem, has thorns strategically placed. Respect the rose! As we all have experienced thorns  can remind us to appreciate the beauty of the flower, the community, the relationship. We will experience a prick or painful cut if we are not mindful.


The rose is an excellent meditative focus.  It teaches us to lead with our heart as we create and enjoy life alone and together.


Just as the rose uplifts my spirit, so it is with you and me together.

Lead with your heart!

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