June 19, 2021  –  Last Days of Spring!

The love of romancing my life


I am in a summer kind of day.  It is not hot and sunny.  The sky has an overcast layer reminiscent of Berkeley where I grew up.  

We are listening to spa music.  It is a bit irritating, and yet, the slow, soothing sounds keep us flowing peacefully as we go about our chosen chores.  I call it tidying up.  A sprucing here, a cleanup there.  … spot cleaning floors with a paper towel sprayed with vinegar and Dawn.

Now I sit in my favorite corner of the house watching for an eagle through  the Pine, Birch and Hemlock trees, and a gray sky, knowing it will dissipate within the hour.  The trees know it too.  They are bending with the flow of an eagle’s flight.  It is almost time for summer to burst out!  It is a new beginning, a new end.

I will flow with its direction.  I will allow happiness and fun to vibrate from within.  

And so it goes.  the sun has turned grey skies into white cloud puffs. Now can only be experienced now.

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