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These templates are easy to handle.

  1. Choose a template.
  2.  Upload your logo
  3.  Place Order


You can use the templates below, like a car magnet, a self-inking stamp, a business card, a 3-ring binder, a license plate frame, a gift bag, pens, lip balm, price tags, stickers and more.

…even more fun...

Use these templates as a fun project for your kids.  

  1. Talk about how a logo easily identifies a name, a product and a company.  Give examples like the Amazon logo showing they sell from A to Z and with the effect of a big smile.  Or perhaps your company or the place you work.
  2. Ask them to design a family logo on paper or an iPad if you have an art app.
  3. Take a photo with your iPhone, iPad so you can eventually upload it after you choose your template.
  4. Place order and wait with excitement for the delivery date!

Note:  beforehand, decide whether everyone will vote for the family favorite, or you will use each of the participants designs.

My opinion:   Letting each future artist create a masterpiece logo certainly boosts confidence.  Also, let everyone know what template will be used.  This will help support a successful outcome.


Templates are available for baseballs, a wall decal, wrapping paper and ribbon for future friend’s birthday parties.  Or you may wish to create a binder for school with their cool logo.

.... Kids hear a lot about merch.  Dream merch is what can spark their enthusiasm for creating a  logo. …to introduce their family, a special hobby like making cookies,  or their fundraising special cause project.

Bring excitement to your day by using these marketing solutions to celebrate what you are creating!

Happy dreaming!

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