Lead with your heart  …and you can’t go wrong!

Leading from a computer type brain devoid of heart can lead us in so many unhappy experiences.


Not that we want to avoid the precise tapes of brain developmental learning.

Far from it.  

But we can become detached from relationships when we rely on literal brain responses as our sole means of communication.

Lead with your heart and life becomes a positive, adventuresome experience.  And, where is your heart so that you might avail yourself of heartfelt conversations?


Truly, I don’t really know where words of the “heart” come from.  But I do know there are sweet breezes who inspire us in any situation.


Three is a beautiful, positive, fun, warm, hopeful breeze that pulses through us at every moment.  You might actually be able to feel the vibration if you are particularly attentive.


And when you become mindful of this breeze of love, everything works out for you.


It is also true when you avoid the song of the heart, you lead a life of rational fear, either/or arguments, struggle.


Lead with your heart and you will touch the heart of others.  When this happens the brain follows along willingly, almost with relief at not having to coordinate your being alone. You may feel less fear and anxiety.  You may feel confident.

Think on this for a while.  Sit with it for a while.  See if you don’t have a hidden sanity genius at your disposal at any time you wish to avail yourself.

Be happy.  Be well.



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