Soothing Flow of Water

Soothing flow of water, an abstract pattern, attends to our need for peaceful existence. Surrounding ourselves with patterns like this reflect calm always available within us.

For instance, a simple magnet on our refrigerator or a metal file cabinet can be useful as a way to remind ourselves the kind of moments we want to participate in. This magnet is available by tapping on the photo.

A mousepad can serve a similar purpose. The cool, slanted colors help us to remember to take long breaths as we locate our present moment and greet ourselves.

Wear the projected feelings of soothing, calm confidence …..

…..through leggings …..

… a Graphic T-Shirt Dress

,, an A-Line Dress….

A-Line Dress

a shower curtain … something you will see often ….

.. your morning cup of refreshment

… A calmer approach to travel …

… a comfortable way to begin a new possibilities journal …

… refreshed with a lovely scarf

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