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Barbara Dean Aliaga

Hi There!

Manny and I started the project over a year ago. It was a different time, …free of a known pandemic time.  Like most everyone, we have met our share of challenges.  We hope this page can entertain and lead you toward positive moments.  Decorating our homes can be uplifting!

I create designs that delight me.  I wish I could purchase all of the products  we have made.  Creation is the best way to keep your spirits up.  Cooking, gardening, singing, playing an instrument, painting, drawing, even washing the dishes, can keep us sane. I rise each day with new ideas for designs.  I learn more about Photoshop’s incredible advances, and website development.  I am so lucky to be retired and able to play with the entire world!

So, let us know how we can help you along these challenging roads.  Thank you for visiting.  We hope you’ll come here often.  We’d love to hear from you!.

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