William Pardon Tankerfield The Third and a Googol of Wishes

A Googol of Wishes is available now: eBook, Paperback and Audio Book!

Chat with the author

Is there an audio book available? Yes. It is here! And, available on Amazon.com, Prime members can borrow it for free. Audible.com and iTunes.

What have you found to be the best use for this book?  When you are too tired to read to your child at night, this book has successfully put children to sleep! Not that it isn’t full of magnified ideas…but the imaginary adventure it suggests puts a child at ease and they are usually off to sleep in one chapter. This means 10-parent-reading-free nights! The fine narration by Oliver Hunt keeps their interest. It is a perfect ending for the day. …and a nice reprieve for you!

How did you begin to write this book? This story started to simmer when my son was around ten years old. Like so many boys of this age, he was eager to enjoy all life had to offer. I listened to his many wishes as if I was meant as the granter of wishes. I played around with the idea of making dreams come true from within. I taught him to make his own dreams come true, exploring the fun of getting from A to B. It was and is the journey that is interesting. (B only signals a new adventure for me!) I hoped he would always have that enthusiasm for living. Doesn’t this spawn infinite possibilities?

General Protek is my favorite character.  I loved how he got so mad he fell to pieces!  A lot of people relate to the good old General! Isn’t he a little like you or me? Sometimes we get tricked into thinking we are the only humans who can save the world. And, sometimes we criticize those who live their lives each day and contribute the good they can, usually quietly, but with great impact. We’re never too young or old to think about the times we take charge like we’re the only ones awake. And, it’s easier to take in the form of a fun adventure.

Do you provide a paperback preview? Yes. The format is designed for comfort with beginning book readers. When purchased with audio book, a reader can follow along with their book. Paperback and eBook availability:

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What is the idea behind A Googol of Wishes?   Most adults are still challenged with making dreams come true. We seem to live just within our means and sometimes even dip below. We are tempted to look to others for our happiness. It is comforting to think we might be granted three wishes. It delights us! Yet the desire to meet new people, have new things and go to new places comes from within. The desire is what calls us forth to create! William Pardon Tankerfield the Third understands this concept. The granter of wishes, Sir Razda, believes he and the citizens of his planet, Planet Stranet, are the only ones who can grant wishes. Boy, are they in for a big surprise. The purpose of this book is to inspire young readers to dream their wishes into existence! Happy Wishing!

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