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Welcome.  I am the expert you are looking for. My name is Barbara Aliaga.  As of 2018, I am a 72-year-young enthusiast, with extensive experience in extraordinary patient care. I retired from The Harman Eye Clinic in April 2018. For the past 29 years I have worked with and played a major role in creating this world-class eye surgery center.  For 25 of those years, I worked as the executive director and practice administrator.

During these years I could help many young employees find their confidence to serve patients with extraordinary care.  I enjoyed this interaction probably more than anything!  I love to watch people experience the amazing expansion of life!

With a background in education and English-Drama Bachelor degree, I am passionate about the performance we give to each person we meet. Customer care gives life to any company! Every employee is accountable for creating this level of service. I am always eager to support those who are making the effort.

I hope to improve our ability to be happy, one person and one company at a time.  This is an exciting endeavor.  I look forward to the growth that will come to you and me with each encounter. Congratulations to us both as we approach solutions that satisfy our present moments!

CONTACT ME and rediscover your dream!!


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