Intro to: Getting To Happy

Learn to Read Emotional Messages

Why Write This Book?

Herein lies a set of tools

These tools keep our pathway clear of negative debris. It is our job to maintain this path for a direct line to happiness. The fountain of what is pleasing flows towards us at all times.

Our first step is to accept happiness as a natural part of our life. It is every bit available to us as is depression. Once we allow happiness into our lives, we choose feeling-good actions. We not only deserve happiness, we will always be pulled toward its gravity.  Once we are confident of this state we are able to enjoy our thoughts, people, scenery. We find ourselves in pleasing situations.

Without tools I become overwhelmed by events not fitting into my expectations. Specific tools build up more positive perceptions to events. The tools are especially beneficial for unexpected emotional reactions.
I am thinking of floods, hurricanes, fires, deaths in our family, sickness, broken cars, conversations, misunderstandings, challenges within our judgments. Often it is not the incident bringing suffering but our perception of the event.

A tree can fall on two different homes. The first neighbor runs out in terror. Her face twitches with distress. She thinks how will she ever recover! The other neighbor comes out of her home. She runs to comfort her neighbor. She exhibits strength as she focuses on the well-being of the other. She has little blocking her. Many years of diligence brought her to this point. Though the tree fell on both houses, each responded in a different way. Their reactions depended on what negative emotional debris was currently on their individual paths.

Negative debris blocks happiness. When we wish to return to the happiness we love, we find we are blocked by confusion. There are people who have evolved to consistently clear thinking. I am not always this person. I am part of ever changing energy. What appears clear one day can emerge doubtful the next. However, the one thing I have going for me is my commitment to syncing to a happy state.

Getting To Happy offers a set of balancing tools. It is my goal to remain within the passion of negative thinking for as little time as possible. A good set of quality tools is crucial to helping me stay the course.

Tools help identify the speed bumps to happiness.  We can experience chemical imbalances, catch other people’s colds and flu, suffer through oppressive news stories, become irritated with our family. It is easy to fall off our intended pleasant path. A set of tools can support our desire to move to a happier state. These tools have been used by me for decades. They continue to work for me. I hope you will find them valuable on your journey.

This book took several years of writing on, talking with friends, and introspection.  After my retirement in April, 2018, I got to work and assemble my insights into a book form.  It is a great form of structure and process.  I found these writings helpful on a daily basis.  The pages kept my spirit alert and aware of the best things in the day.  I made the commitment to living a happy life.

Throughout the day I am reminded of the recommendations of this book.  It speaks to me and makes me accountable to my commitment.  I am able to navigate through my personal life and the world outside with all of its uncertainties, tragedies and hopelessness.  I wake up to happy!  If this book can inspire me, I am sure it will motivate you to find your best self!  Please be sure to read it!

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