Be Kind To Yourself…Only Then Can You Be Kind To Others

Choose to do one (1) thing today that allows your joy to ooze out!

I remember getting up early on a Saturday morning when the rest of the family was still asleep. I snuck downstairs, turned on the radio, laid down on a pillow and listened to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic Parade and Captain Fortune. Nothing felt better than those times! What adds a special vibration to your life?

Whatever it is, follow its path. Follow your bliss and enjoy this day!

Spend time having fun … there is room to do the things that please you and still allow others to do the things that please them

Celebrate Your Pet – Personalize Template

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Belief Collection

Our beliefs originate from our thoughts The more frequently thoughts are expressed in similar words, the stronger our beliefs form.

Words corral and often become the reflection of our current thoughts. so it makes sense to pay attention to our words.

Change our words and change our focused attention. This in turn, transforms; the direction of our thoughts.

Change our thoughts, and our beliefs will change like a chain reaction.

Why is this helpful?

Beliefs have a magical power to inspire us to move toward a desired action.

When we want to achieve something, we can begin this achievement by using appropriate words which reflects our goal

Want a positive outcome? …

Listen to your words. Pay attention to what you say. Are your words in alignment with what you want?

If this subject interests you, i will continue to share my thoughts in addition to sharing artistic expression

New Baby Gift Collection

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Comfy, Cool, Calm, Confident | Positive Attraction

It may be a good time to stop arguing, standing up for yourself, feeling sad and angry. It may be a better time to get comfy, cool, calm and confident.

It may be a better-yet time to remember the cool attraction to goodness, the comfy feeling of kindness, the calm of hanging out with your best self.

If today you feel sadness, irritation, loneliness, frustration…. stop! Find a comfy place. Breathe in the cool air. Feel a calm caress and confidently raise up to a newer, brighter existence.
Comfy, Cool, Calm, Confident | Positive Attraction Mug

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Comfy, Cool, Calm, Confident | Positive Attraction

Wake up to a positive vibe!
Hang out with positive thinking!

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Feel Fit T-Shirts

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Somehow … we’re never truly sure how … we are here, in this body, at this time, with these people! Might as well make the best of it. It can set us up on the right day. Go with the flow. Find what makes you feel better, better and better! That’s the commitment of today!

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Feel-Good T-Shirts

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Part of a bathroom ensemble

Nature … Flowers

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Fun, New Posts Coming to You Today!

Hello gang!

The most important thing to do when you can’t think of what to do to make the world safer, —for me, anyway — is to be the best person I can be in my situation.

Worry, fear, has no place in making things better.

For example, I choose to attract peace when at home and believe it will reach out to the world from my little corner of the world.

I choose to act with the few people around me with love and good cheer… with hope …with peaceful confidence …with love.

I hope you are all well and taking advantage of the good things that are coming to you today, no matter what the circumstance.

Peace, joy, humor, love!.

Latest Creations… Peace

Mother’s Day Comes Early

Get ready for Mother’s Day with this special coffee mug You may be surprised how treasured this gift will become over the years.

A Mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.

A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend…. even if she is cross.

It’s a New Day … Wake Up!


This year be ready for your Mother with editable text template and image … or leave as is… Mother’s Day mug!

Fab Fabrics Grand Opening

We are opening a new FabFabrics Store on Zazzle

I spent a lot of time sewing throughout my life. It was a mysterious satisfaction to take material and make it into a designer suit or dress or pair of pants.

I had great teachers. My first was a woman named Lydia, who came to our house to help my mother take care of my comatose nana. Missing my Nana, Lydia noticed and taught me how to make dresses for my dolls and potholders for my mom.

In high school, I took a sewing class with Sister Theresa Clare, (if my mind serves me). She taught us to sew with purpose, participating in a fashion show. We not only learned how to properly sew our seams and zippers, we learned how to walk like a model! I remember gracefully taking off my jacket to confidently show the beautiful inside lining. We were mighty proud.

After high school, I joined this sister’s convent in Los Gatos, CA. It was a challenging and transformingnexperience. Sewing was an undercurrent active skill. We were taught to sew all the skirts, bodices, capes and even head pieces, many times by hand, … again, ”properly”. Pieces were inspected by our superiors. If it did not meet high standards we were asked to tear out the stitches. and start again….. without complaint, mind you most all of the material was black wool.

Five and a half years later, I completed my life in the convent. I married a year-and-a-half later. A few months in our marriage, we bought a sewing machine from Montgomery Wards. We both worked but I found time to , make my husband shirts, pants and ties. I’ve always artistically thrived.

Soon, I was making maternity wear, then infant wear, then toddler wear. In fact, I made many of my son’s clothes until finally, in 5th grade, he pleaded with me to buy store bought. By then I was more than happy to comply. My husband and son joined a KungFu club and I made their kungFu clothes. I made ”Big Shot” ties for my husband when he became an Inhalation Therapist (today called a Respiratory Therapist). Sewing has always been a creative, peaceful, happy past-time for me.….and now I am rewarded with creating the designs for what we called yardage, some 50+ years ago.

The fun thing is that the fabric designs offers our customers a template to make any adjustment to the sizing or direction to the pattern design. If you like it as is, you just make your purchase, but if you are feeling like you want to collaborate and make it the way YOU want it, you hit the CUSTOMIZE button. Easy as that!

We have been so eager to show you what designs we have included ….. What do you think?

An Albino Deer Sighting

This morning, I awoke and felt like going upstairs. On the stairway I looked outside the windows and immediately saw our island’s white deer!

I’ve seen this deer before, but today was different. It was my special gift of the morning and I accepted it as so. How magical it all seemed to me.

After a bit of reading, I understand the chances of becoming an albino deer is 1 in 20,000. If you’re interested, you might want to read this. But I am also interested in the symbolism of animals interacting with me. And, even though I have seen this deer as I drove around the island on numerous occasions, this meeting was special. This deer appeared in my backyard and took its time to let me take a video. It was here for me, this I believe. (I slowed down the video a bit, so you could take a more relaxed look.)

So, what was the symbolism? I found interesting articles when searching white deer mythology. I know one thing, I am on another adventure and this deer on my hill has spurred me on the get out of my Pandemic coma and into a deeper spiritual quest. Here I go!

I have yet to draw or paint white deer, perhaps now I will be inspired to do so.

Celebrating Love

Listen to your emotions. Choose satisfying thoughts that arouse satisfying emotions…..then watch what happens.

Our life can be like one or numerous fun-loving, golden joyful roadtrips! Choose LOVE and see what a satisfying life you can have.

The Playhouse Collection:

Camano Island in January

When it’s cold outside and toasty in the car … when you are retired and your husband can’t easily get around … that’s when you can really appreciate a State Park!

This is Camano Island Park, our favorite! In the summer our grandsons love to swim and run along the beach. We arrived here in 1974 with a 2-year-old son, a Great Dane and a Springer Spaniel. We were 27!

The house we rented was across the street from the beach. When we moved in, there were no locks on the doors and we needed to put up a mailbox to get our mail. We had come from city life — Berkeley. It was a magical time!

Our son enjoyed turning over rocks to find baby crabs. We gathered the tiny rocks, shined them up and glued them on bottles, little boxes, … made lamp stands. These were glorious moments of family bliss. That year, Manny worked as an inhalation therapist in Everett and I groomed local poodles.

Ah-h memories. I apologize for taking you down memory lane. It happens a lot lately i can still feel the vibrations of those memories … just like I am there. Life is certaInly worth the ticket!

Today I’m working on placing some of these photos into a collection featuring this island on Zazzle. I look forward to finding more and more audiences who resonate with my visions Here are some products from this morning.


Natural Ease Community

All of us have moments of anxiety or irritation. We want to live the happy life. I find it helps when we take some long breaths, take a look at nature, and breathe again.

I remember Simon and Garfunkle’s song, “Slow Down, Your Moving Too Fast”. I like to think we need moments in the day that are thought of as groovy, relaxing, quiet, reseting time-outs, mellow feelings.

Baby Bib

When I can move from activity to activity with a nano time-out and smile, my day goes on better. When I stick to one project no matter how difficult, I complete my day exhausted.

Here’s a different way to look at a work day:

Feeling Good

Say you get up at 6AM and go to bed at 10PM. Does it really matter what you are doing? I think it possible to choose to be happy getting up, getting ready, driving to work, starting your day, getting interrupted by others, eating lunch, talking on the phone, collaborating with co-workers, serving the public, cleaning up, getting more surprises.going hom, carpooling, getting groceries, getting gas, cooking a meal, streaming shows and going to bed.

You are going to be awake throughout the day. You can enjoy each moment or resist each new challenge that comes along. In other words you can choose to enjoy the moments or ruin your day by focusing on what’s wrong.

Thank you Card. We had a wonderful time with you!

Taking time to pause, breathe, focus on small, satisfying moments, can open the door to a happier day.

Take the natural way. Be happy.

Apron to Cook with Chill Confidence

The many ways to be mindful of love …

Coffee or Tea Mug Gifts

This one?

Literally Pickleball

What is Pickleball?

You may have noticed a friendly gathering of all ages in a game of something called Pickleball going on in your neighborhood … but how exactly is this game played? Here;s the official rulebook!

Camano Stanwood Pickleball Association provides everything you will want to know. If you live in the area, you might want to start here

When Abu was heading off to the Stanwood YMCA before the Pandemic, he designed a shirt for some of the pickleball players. ….always looking at life with humor They appear to make for uplifting gifts for Pickleball enthusiasts

Explore Gifts of Love

A good day by choice

Experience a more pleasant life with awareness of feelings unfolding with each experience during your day!

Emotions can become guides to a happier life …. when we are able to recognize the message. For example, I can wake up and enjoy the feeling of my pillow or warmth of my surroundings. I can choose to linger a bit and be grateful. I like to think of it as moseying into the new day! I start my day by creating it. What makes me feel better at this particular moment?

I am aware I can create the world around me. So I take time in the morning to see myself happy to work on my life choices. I know I can be anything, do anything, have anything. I am open to this belief. I choose calmer, more confident thoughts …whatever will comfort and inspire me at the moment.

How you think about things can turn the situation around.

Let go of thoughts that hold you uncomfortable with yourself. Take time to become conscious of feelings that make you feel guilty, unwell, ashamed.

Take time to become conscious of feelings that make you feel joyful, hopeful, creative, helpful, confident.

The more you become conscious of these contrasting emotions, the faster you can choose thoughts to encourage the feelings you wish to have.

Celebrate Winter

Camano Island had snow on Christmas Evening and a few days after. It made for a magical family event. Snow had created an unexpected ski lodge. Our grandsons were elated at the idea of sledding down the slopes around our house. 2021 Christmas will be remembered joyfully this year! Nature came to our rescue and in its white, cold silence, our hearts were warmed!

I’ve taken more photos than I could imagine, but each site was more beautiful than before. It is from these photos that I was inspired to produce this scene.

I wonder if they inspire my readers as much as they inspire me. …just a gentle simmering of joy. I love the colors, I love imagining that the trees are really mountains and I am somewhere far away from the small irritants of life. I wish to focus on the positive and I always get my wishes. So, please forgive me if I bubble too loudly.

For me, to create is participation in all that is physical and non-physical. …a symphony of good feelings by choice.

Choose your favorite and buy

Who acts with wisdom?

Clarity of Wisdom

This holiday I would like the gift of wisdom. Of course, I have received this sense of fresh, solid goodness often over the years, but It’s needed in my life more so now.


  • Good sense
  • Prudence
  • Comprehension
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Discernment

Why is it needed at this time?

World news continues to expose dark times with startling examples, while omitting and/or balancing bright directive examples of current events.

There is a conflict inside of me. To flee, fight or surrender is a common human response.

I am here to enjoy life, not fight for my point of view. My upbringing often challenges this belief. My days can be missing the ease and clarity wisdom brings. The challenges of reaching excellence — the best that we can be — leaves me spent at the end of each day.

The gift of wisdom sustains the best of me. It brightens my day’s path. It creates meaning like sparkling soda.

Most important is the effect of wisdom, sound thinking. It allows love to flow out from my actions — my smile, my words, my ease and patience with those who do not have or do not know how to utilize the wisdom gift.

Wisdom is the helping gift to my better, more peaceful world. Anytime, love is allowed to flow I am transformed into a better human being. I share lighthearted rather than dogmatically defensive or offensive

Yes, I would like more wisdom for Christmas!

Happy Holidays…..

Brighten Up Your Winter Days’

Light seems limited in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. We can find ourselves feeling sluggish, a bit sad at times, … a little imbalanced. You probably already use ways to help bring your spirit up to a happy, loving, functioning human being. I like to leave lights on in the room I’m in, and, yes, wear brighter clothing, tidy up and leave bright, warm decor around the house to remind me to support my happiness.

For instance, I am tempted to sit and read news articles. After all, I am civic minded. But after a few minutes I observe fearful feelings about so many things, I feel tired, I feel gloomy. I have observed the same message almost any time I read the news. My emotions keep sending me similar feelings of unrest, anxiety, helplessness.

I would rather set my focused activity in preparing breakfast, enjoying what I’ve made, and I bundle up to go outside to see what delights I can find. …trees, bushes, sky, air, sunshine or raindrops, birds. …… I am certain I am on earth to enjoy all these things. And, I am sure my happiness creates a ripple effect for the earth, and at the very least for my family and those around me. I can make a difference by shining my light!

Keep On the Upward Track

Keep in mind, when you give into the gloomy days, there is not an automatic “bob back up to happy,” …especially when you are fighting against what you cannot change (at the moment). In this case you dig a pit making it hard to smile or see the sunny side of life. … sometimes for long periods of the day. Sometimes you encourage others to listen to your gloom and spread it all around.

But, there are some tricks to work around your situation

You can stop what you are doing and be kind to yourself for a few moments. Sound easy? It is when you stop long enough to change your talking, your actions, your thinking …. long enough to listen to your feelings. Long enough to recognize you have a friend in feelings, a director, who lovingly says, “Hey! Go have some fun for a moment or two!”

Your emotions can tell you when you are balanced (happy) and when you are unbalanced (getting no where). You can get the hang of this and make it simple. You can breathe, balance and go your happy way.

Touch base with your feelings at least four times a day: at meals and when you drive to and from work.

The more you observe your feelings, the building up of frustration, and the sooner you respond by letting go of whatever you are currently doing. … yes, actually stop what you are doing! ….. breathe quietly, allow the quiet … suddenly ….. if you pay attention …. you will notice your feelings have changed. You say, “I feel better.” …and then you return. ….and it feels so good. and you become more productive, more loving, a happy you!

AbuNana @Zazzle

Another to think about this….

Try to activate a more positive feeling result….. ACTIVATE …. ACTIVITY …you can do something like walk away from the activity you are currently doing. Listen to your feelings. They are telling you to change whatever you are currently doing. You probably are out of balance with your good old happy self. The sooner you leave and try something more pleasing, like turning on music, playing the piano or guitar, drawing a simple picture, the sooner you will “bob up to happy”!

Stop, observe your feelings,

If you are feeling happy, support what you are doing and try to remain in this sphere as long as you can.

If you are feeling anxious, STOP what you are doing. Walk away. Find a quiet place . Listen to your breaths, your heartbeat, the fan blowing through your heater. Look in the mirror, give out your favorite, bright smile and say hello to your good old happy self! Allow a soft smile to return to your face. to Happy: Learning to read Emotional Messages to Happy: Learning to read Emotional Messages

Learn how to direct your emotions toward a happier, saner, more balanced life.

We are in this world together. We can make a difference whether we are home-bound or activists. What we have in common is the ability to love. We can do this!

Thought for tonight

Beat the Blues

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learn To Read Emotional Messages

It happens sometime during the day. We encounter a surprise circumstance/ sometimes more than one.  The situation  arouses fear or discomfort.  From there we are thrown from our zone of well-being. 

We can experience emotions of fear, irritation, anxiety.  They feel like little shock waves.  We may not be aware of the importance of these emotions and we may magnify the importance of the irritation, fear, anxiety. 

I can come home from a lovely drive with my husband, stop by the mailbox, look forward to continuing the moment.  Then I make the mistake of opening the mail to find a $468 unexpected bill from a diagnostic test taken months ago.  The tests showed nothing.  But, after insurance,  we now owe $300 for the test and $168 for the doctor’s visit.  It is not the bill as much as the surprise.  –Another responsibility to meet!

Learning to read emotional messages can make the difference in staying our happy course.  The little mail surprise might not sound like a big deal.  Yet, I feel irritated.  I feel fearful of future unexpected financial obligations. 

When you learn to read emotional messages, you can bounce back from any negative situation. You might now realize it is you who are placing the negative label to any situation.  I unconsciously opened  the mail.  I chose to take the tests. The medical bill was now here.  I now had a choice to respond to my surprise situation. 

Here were my choices:

  • I could fret and hold a forced discussion with my husband:  our medical expenses are out of control!  I could ruin a perfectly good day. 
  • I could put the bill in the drawer and deal with it later. So what if I secretly was irritated.  I would hide it and probably find myself in a funk shortly. It can’t be helped!
  • OR. 
  • Or, I could remember that negative emotions are STOP SIGNS, TURN AROUND SIGNS.  I could remember that they tell me to turn my thoughts about the bill into new thoughts.  Change my way of thinking until I feel better.  When I feel better, I know I am heading in the direction that is ultimately satisfying for me.

So, without giving it another thought, I find my laptop  and pay my bill.  I pay it and I feel better.  I think of the payment as an investment in the medical support I may need in the future.  I appreciate the ease of paying my bill online.  I appreciate having the funds to pay.  I am now in a state of gratitude.  I breathe with appreciation as I glance around and see my true situation.  I have returned.  I am in contact with the core of my being-ness and I am in the quiet, peaceful state of happiness.

You might say, what if you don’t have the money to pay?  This also is a situation.  And, if you feel negative feelings about not having the money to pay, then STOP, TURN AROUND, Turn your thoughts to new thoughts that feel better. Your emotions can change from irritation to acceptance, hope, as you face your situation. There is much more to emotional messages.  This article is written to spark questions within you.  Happiness cannot co-exist with negative emotions.  Become aware of the negative feelings within you, .Stop the direction you are heading, whether it is an argument, a tantrum, a sulking state, you can live the happy life.

If you liked this article and would like to read more, please comment, share or like.  If you really like this article, please support me by purchasing the book, “GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages”.  Thank you!

Getting To Happy Learning To Read Emotional Messages

Be Kind! Have Fun! Stay Happy!

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