Company HR Life Coach

Orientation Preparedness

I can help with repeated employee errors.

I can help ease morale fluctuations.

I can ease your stress when life feels like an emotional roller coaster.


If you notice that your employees are moving in a downward cycle of dull duty, and it’s not much fun at work any longer, use the services of a business life coach.  I provide state-of-the-art videoconferencing from my office to yours..  If you don’t have a conference room, members can contribute right from their desk computer. I can see and hear everyone and it is fun!

I have provided Life Coaching as a practice manager for over 29 years.  I realized early on that it was paramount to maintaining world-class service.  I am successful in using intuition, compassion and courage to offer possibilities for improvement.  You can expect a turnaround in attitude with my participation.

I believe your company cannot stand still; we are in a constant state of change.  You either move forward, or move backward.   Customers want an extraordinary experience when they choose their companies.  A well-motivated and inspired staff can make a great difference to your bottom line.


Training Webinars With Facilitated Discussion — schedule from this site.

One-hour Training Webinar:   Meeting begins with a 10-minute specific topic webinar followed by facilitated assessment and plan of action.  One hour meeting with 1-4 computer participants.  I follow meeting up with webinar quiz and, if approved, a recording of the meeting.  So that staff is comfortable, we do not use the video cameras.

  • A sample:  Becoming Customer Experience Experts
    • Show how customer service improves our financial line.
    • Discuss how the best advertising is happy patients.
    • Focus on our pride of quality service which makes our jobs satisfying
    • As a facilitator I ask:
      • What is the best part of our service?  what is the worst part?
      • What one thing would you do to improve your customer’s experience?  (If staff say, nothing or I don’t know, I say, what if you knew? And I ask until we are comfortable enough to share our ideas)
      • What if you do nothing after this meeting?  What would happen in a year’s time?
      • What is the most ideal change we can make?
      • What one thing do you think we could accomplish for our customers before the week is over?
      • Is there anything else we could accomplish within a month’s time?
      • I let them know there will be a follow-up quiz in a week.
  • You can expect it to inspire your staff!


Video Meetings: Annual Staff Reviews; Orientation training and re-training (see above); Exit Interviews.

  • Annual Staff Reviews.  Video Meetings.   Staff member and their supervisor/manager meet to access present performance and skills learned since last review.  I discuss plans for education, growth in skills, position task development, job satisfaction.  I attend to support the supervisor in her role as a reviewer.

Additional Projects.  Please email your specific request.

  •  Update job descriptions and company expectations as needed
    • In collaboration with supervisor/managers during the Staff Reviews
  • Review and make written recommendations for Employee Policy and Procedure Manual




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