Executive Career Seekers!

Get ready to land your dream job!pexels-photo-70292.jpeg

Walking into a job interview can leave you speechless!

You can ease the fears that are keeping you from your dream.

Know your success has already occurred just by visiting this page whether you enlist my help.

Here’s how we will approach this new challenge!

  • SITE ASSESSMENT.  I will assess your
    • Skills,
    • Interests,
    • Talents and
    • Experiences together.
  • I will uncover the environment and service you in which you thrive.  We will uncover your passions!
  • PRODUCE YOUR RESUME:  I will work together, looking for experiences in the past you are most proud of.  I will help you remember that your resume is your calling card and can place you ahead of other candidates.  By the end of our session you will be comfortable with whom you are and what you can provide.  You will come into contact with the confidence you once had.
  • DISTRIBUTE YUOR RESUME AND MADE COLD CALLS.  We will explore companies you may wish to work with.  Employers can create a position for candidates who come in prepared and confident of their contribution.  I will coach you toward making contact.
  • PREPARE, PERFORM AND FOLLOW-UP WITH THE INTERVIEW. This session will focus on appearance, use of English language, pitfalls that are tip-offs for poor candidate material.  I will prepare you for your interview and realize that you are the one interviewing the employer.  You appreciate that interviews are auditions.  When you win the position, it is then that the real challenges begin!
  • EMPLOYMENT CHALLENGES.  I design this session to keep you out of misunderstanding landmines and back into a long career of expansion.

Drop me a note. This an excellent way to move forward toward achieving your goal and is an investment in the Executive career you expect to enjoy in the years to come.  It is your foundation for successful leadership.



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