Starting A Business?


Start and Run Your Own Business!


If you are like me you love the creativity and sheer joy in uncovering a new company.  The act of refining thoughts are addictive.  There is nothing but joy when you create a company.

Many times those around you in the workforce, may not give you the support you need. Over sharing your dreams, can lead to doubt about yourself and your abilities.  It is also possible you may wish not to depend on family and friends to reach out beyond your comfort zone.

Drop me a line and let me know where you are finding a roadblock keeping you from moving ahead. Doubts have a way of coming in, but today there are so many resources at your disposal you can realize your dreams.  Take a day off to catch your breath and let the ideas resurface with ease.

I can play a part as a seasoned coach and shine light when you lose your way.  The following items may benefit you:

  • SITE ASSESSMENT. This exercise will be helpful if you haven’t started you first Business Plan.  We will take time to explore your Skills, Interests, Talents and Experience and you will come away with a better sense of why you want to create your company and why you will succeed.
  • DISCOVER YOUR CORE VALUE.  I can help you develop a mission statement. A core statement will help you, your future partners and employees, and your customers better understand what your purpose is.
  • CREATION OF A STRONG FOUNDATION: Assessment and implementing of necessary items:  Business Plan, Financial Budget, Marketing Plan, Getting necessary Federal, State, County, City Licenses/Registrations, Locating an attorney and accountant,  Contracts, Bank Account, Liability Insurance, etc.



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