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Creative Writing Challenge! Motivation Stimulus

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Personalize Art & Text Creative Writing 80-pg Note Notebook

A Creative Writing Notebook. What stories to tell when your imaginary tiger becomes your pet. Seems like there is plenty of material for a fun, comic tale! Put you and the tiger into your wonderful, world of thoughts. Inspire your readers. Use the personalize template to replace the artwork with a photo of your imaginary pet, or for a gift to inspire your creative friend. Change the text with the same personalize template.

If you are so inclined, share some of your works with us, and/or share on your site or blog. Creativity helps encourage joy, love, play.

Creative Writing
Creative Writing
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Poem to Nana’s Rocking Chair

My Nana’s Rocking Chair -
My Nana’s Rocking Chair –
My Nana‘s rocking chair, 
    by Barbara Dean Aliaga

66 years since Nana left
It’s in this chair I hold
Her love, her laugh,
Her hugs,  her embrace
This chair is my memory place.

In Nana’s eyes I could do no wrong,
Her smile would broaden,
Her eyes twinkle, yes , yes!
Her eyes sent bolts of love
This chair is my mourning dove.

She painted this chair canary yellow,
A sunshine message to all
To cheer her 6-year old daughter,
(Fatherless), after her husband’s passing.
This chair is a lesson in surpassing!

She rented out two floors of her home.
And made long-lasting friends of both.
Her laughter came yet also no-nonsense opine.
Yet back to laughter she rose.
This chair is my favorite repose.

I was ten when she left
But she’s with me everyday
to let me know, she loves that I’m unique
In all the universe and creation,
This chair is my communication.

Audio rendition of My Nana’s Rocking Chair

My Nana’s Rocking Chair
My Nana’s Rocking Chair, a poem by Barbara Dean Aliaga

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Woman and a Bird – Essentials for Living

A Woman & A Bird
A Woman & A Bird
Apron for Fun

What would you choose as essentials for Living?

Here’s what I was thinking when I painted this Woman and a Bird.

Essential fun!

Essentials for Living

According to Barbara Dean Aliaga

Number One:

  1. Love and Loving: Without allowing love to flow through my being, I cannot say I am alive. Love is kind, Love flows from me into others. I’m in love with love, and convinced love is in-love with me.
    1. When I am cranky, lost, off, I am longing to return to a loving state …. kind, easily flowing, thinking kindly of others …. in love with love ….confident love is in-love with me.
    2. I don’t need anyone for me to thrive within the energy of love, but it is fun, it feels good, to be around others who love to be around me and I them.
All-purpose Notebook

Number Two

  1. A sense of wonder, a sense of magic. I like to think of it as endless possibilities.
    1. To me, without possibilities we are sunk and most times depressed. With possibilities we are hopeful and seldom give up!

Of course, I bet you said food, water, air, sleep, sunshine, friends, jobs, money, houses, cars, clothing … boy, that’s a lot and actually, we think we need a lot more.


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Belief Collection

Our beliefs originate from our thoughts The more frequently thoughts are expressed in similar words, the stronger our beliefs form.

Words corral and often become the reflection of our current thoughts. so it makes sense to pay attention to our words.

Change our words and change our focused attention. This in turn, transforms; the direction of our thoughts.

Change our thoughts, and our beliefs will change like a chain reaction.

Why is this helpful?

Beliefs have a magical power to inspire us to move toward a desired action.

When we want to achieve something, we can begin this achievement by using appropriate words which reflects our goal

Want a positive outcome? …

Listen to your words. Pay attention to what you say. Are your words in alignment with what you want?

If this subject interests you, i will continue to share my thoughts in addition to sharing artistic expression

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A Great Day to Read

I’m reading. Finally. I’ve been preoccupied with research on self-publishing and self-marketing. I have neglected to feed myself the rich words of others.

GETTING TO YES WITH YOURSELF has my attention. William Ury is a seasoned, professional mediator. He has an impressive background. He co-authored the bestseller, GETTING TO YES.You’ve heard the win-win concept. It influenced a change in thinking things needed to be won or lost with no middle ground.

Mr. Ury has refined his plan for successful negotiations by focusing on ourselves as part of the preparation for a meeting. Whether I am reaching an understanding with a family member, a boss, co-worker, or other companies, this book holds insights for greater success.

Even though I’m only a smidge into this book, I am loving his style. It holds my interest as well as inspires. Here’s my question. Would you like to read it too and form a book club here on my blog? I borrowed it on Amazon with the Kindle Lending Library. I’m sure it is available through your local library also. Does this interest anyone?

One of the themes I am already incorporating into my day is the balcony concept. We live on a stage. As I have talked about so often, we can experience, submerged and become overwhelmed. Standing back on the balcony is a way to keep ourselves from identifying with the emotions. He has suggested, and I have started incorporating, putting names on my emotions. This way I can identify what emotions are suddenly occurring from the viewpoint of the balcony. In other words, when I find I am angry I can easily take an objective notice by giving it a name. I’ve started talking about Gloomy Gilda, or Sad Sally, or Angry Anthony — all characters who show up in the play of my day. I know this isn’t new to me, but Mr. Ury’s book moves me to action.

So what do you think? Would you like to read it, share your ideas together and quite possibly grow towards more yesses?

This page can become the thread for discussion. What are you reading? See you soon!