Commitment to Write: Day 8 February 2019

I wish to enjoy the ride of life rather than control or be fearful of what takes place unconsciously. I want to be in balance with both realities. I want to have respect for both. No villains. Instead: co-creators, co-operators. As I type these words, I notice a peace in my breathing. Cells are feeling the release of stress and are happy to go about their business.

Commitment To Write: Day 7 February 2019

Here’s what I see: Fun. A little bit of mischief, but loving mischief. Delight to be here. Confidence that all is well. Mainly love. All you need is love.

Commitment To Write: Day 6 February 2019

Fear taps at my door every day. I say, Hello fear. But when I answer the door, it evaporates and is not there at all. The news I read as a child and the news I can read on my iPhone now continues to insist, fear is knocking at your door. Open the door and it won’t be there.

Commitment to write: Day 5 February 2019

Happy Chinese New Year!! For me, it’s all about celebrating the many ways we channel energy. A good day to celebrate life! Understand how kindness allows energy to flow within our cells and the cells of others. Now that’s an interesting idea. What is it about acts of kindness? Can I change the direction ofContinue reading “Commitment to write: Day 5 February 2019”

Commitment to Write: Day 4 February 2019

I felt uneasy to drive in the snow back and forth. I could sense the uncomfortable feeling pushing against the delight of the beautiful snow experience! It was low-grade, but I knew if this emotion were left unattended it could grow to fear. I STOPPED. Just cancel! Pause. There. The maintenance can be rescheduled. I could rejoin the joy of living without uneasiness. Good common sense! Good use of time.

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