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World Changes One Step At A Time 👍

According to news media, we don’t always change the world for good.

  • We don’t change things for good when we war against what we want changed. It just doesn’t work! Wars usually create more trouble than good: war against drugs, war against climate change, war against poverty, war against racism, etc. We sometimes focus so forcefully on what we don’t like, we inflate our problem for ourselves and others.
  • Also, I don’t think we change what we don’t like by making people afraid. We get people’s attention by means of fear, but we don’t change the lifestyle of people we are scaring. We create focus on what we are afraid of, like building walls around countries, or locking up people we are afraid of, or even killing people we fear. Fight or flight. It seems like news stories consistently ignite human fear.

The solution is simple!
We can solve challenges, make changes, in a more calm, peaceful, loving way!

I tell myself: Changes are made in MY world, by MY perspective!

  • I strive to live a peaceful life regardless of any person, place or thing.
    • A better way to say this:
      • I CAN live in a peaceful world, when I AM LIVING A PEACEFUL LIFE!

I have been groomed, reformed, refined, reprimanded, chiseled, quieted, asked to speak up, asked to change my mind, told I am naive, until I have felt it hard to sing my song!

Sing a song, keep it simple, keep it strong. Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad. (Song I remember from the Carpenters).

So here it is. I primarily work in collaboration with myself.

I delight when I see other humans who share this intuitive understanding. We often pass along our way and acknowledge the other.

Our world does change one step at a time. It changes in ways we like when we allow the change we want into our own life.

To Sum Up: Here is a poem I came across yesterday on Facebook.

My grandmother once gave me a tip:

In difficult times, move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don't think about the future
or what may happen tomorrow.

Wash the dishes.
Remove the dust
Write a letter.
Make a soup.

You see?

Advance step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Rest a little.
Praise yourself.
Take another step.
And then another.

You won't notice, but your steps will. grow more and more.
And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

Author:  Elena Mikhalkova

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Home, Sweet Comfort Home

There’s no place like home. These gifts bring home along, no matter where you go. ….feel good products.

The painting scene came from a one-of-a-kind, stucco home just west of the neighborhood drug store. It held an magical surprise for me whenever I passed on the way to school. And, I always glanced into the windows of the house to discover the occupants.

It felt like home, sweet home.

Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

: Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

: Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

. : Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

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Creative Writing Challenge! Motivation Stimulus

About Designs

Personalize Art & Text Creative Writing 80-pg Note Notebook

A Creative Writing Notebook. What stories to tell when your imaginary tiger becomes your pet. Seems like there is plenty of material for a fun, comic tale! Put you and the tiger into your wonderful, world of thoughts. Inspire your readers. Use the personalize template to replace the artwork with a photo of your imaginary pet, or for a gift to inspire your creative friend. Change the text with the same personalize template.

If you are so inclined, share some of your works with us, and/or share on your site or blog. Creativity helps encourage joy, love, play.

Creative Writing
Creative Writing
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Poem to Nana’s Rocking Chair

My Nana’s Rocking Chair -
My Nana’s Rocking Chair –
My Nana‘s rocking chair, 
    by Barbara Dean Aliaga

66 years since Nana left
It’s in this chair I hold
Her love, her laugh,
Her hugs,  her embrace
This chair is my memory place.

In Nana’s eyes I could do no wrong,
Her smile would broaden,
Her eyes twinkle, yes , yes!
Her eyes sent bolts of love
This chair is my mourning dove.

She painted this chair canary yellow,
A sunshine message to all
To cheer her 6-year old daughter,
(Fatherless), after her husband’s passing.
This chair is a lesson in surpassing!

She rented out two floors of her home.
And made long-lasting friends of both.
Her laughter came yet also no-nonsense opine.
Yet back to laughter she rose.
This chair is my favorite repose.

I was ten when she left
But she’s with me everyday
to let me know, she loves that I’m unique
In all the universe and creation,
This chair is my communication.

Audio rendition of My Nana’s Rocking Chair

My Nana’s Rocking Chair
My Nana’s Rocking Chair, a poem by Barbara Dean Aliaga

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What is Possi-Ability? A Closer Look

I’m a little long-winded today, but I have a lot on my mind. It’s like spring inside me. (We live in Washington). I am happy to explore the best of me after living with a poor rendition. Message here is: NEVER GIVE UP!

What is possi-ability? Ability to see and allow possibilities in Love and Life

I have discovered the skill of seeing and allowing possibilities, even in midst of pain, fear, irritation and all that goes with the unexpected adversity.

What happened that led you to opening up to possibilities? you ask.

Three months ago I fell and shattered my left arm (ulna, radius, humerus and elbow ) … resulting in a surgically placed 108 mm Ulna Plate, a prosthetic elbow, Radial Stem and lots of screws.

I tripped on a stair above the first landing the night before Easter. I got up like a scared rabbit and hurried down the second section to a chair in the front room. I was thinking about my hurt knees and holding my left arm close to my chest. When it moved it felt like a can of pickup sticks rolling around. But I didn’t have courage to phone 911 until morning. …Easter morning!

My left arm, hand and fingers were of no use to me my body ached in solidarity. My mind shut down. I held little hope for a positive future In other words, I was in shock .

But life kept urging me on. Spring went on without me, yet still beckoned me toward my assured self. Most every day my confidence grew. I chose to look for the brighter side of my situation, no matter how loud my inner trolls shouted worthless fears.

My point, (please stay with me), is this: there are unlimited possibilities offered us, at every moment. We only have to choose. …. and, more and more, I chose possibilities that pleased me.

Today, I am typing with both hands, thanks to my family, a compassionate ER team on Easter morning, an amazing surgeon team and a coaching, happy and professional physical therapist team, I am well on my way to returning better than ever.

I also know I have honed a great skill: Possi-Ability!

What’s important to me is sharing how this event brought me closer to my best self….My big-picture self. I want to share how I allowed possibilities into my life, and yet, chose to reject other ideas.

Possibilities and the Ability to Accept

Why this essay?

I hear so many people crying out how terrible this life, earth, world, ……. is and, it may be true. But we do have choices to enjoy ourselves. Unlimited possibilities mean that we may choose a person, an activity, or speak and laugh differently from others. My ah-ha moment means I can choose whatever possibility which is presented to me and follow it until I change my mind.

I believe I have a navigational system to let me know when I am fragmented. Looking for the fun, happy, kind, loving side of things is where wholeness, health, wealth, dreams, inclusivity, and Mother Nature, and my best self lives live.

We can encourage Possi-Ability! You don’t need a broken bone to take advantage of this skill. Everyone can partake! Here’s how?

  1. Choose to listen to your emotions. When they are sending thoughts of anger, sadness, irritation, jealousy, self-doubt, pessimism, fear, revenge, superiority, futility …
    1. WAKE UP! Your TRUE, BEST SELF is with you and is sending a message to reflect your current thinking.
    2. Maybe you are confused when you are angry or any of the negative hot, uncontrollable emotions (just like my arm send out pain when broken) Best thing you can do is stop! Stop thinking the thoughts behind the emotions. Sit quietly, take a nap, go for a walk and focus on nature, listen to music, watch a movie..but STOP the negative thoughts.
    1. Your best self has a higher vision of life and your small, limited view feels small. At the same time, you sense there is another way of seeing the moment. Your emotion is louder, feels more painful, the smaller your outlook is. Your emotion is a message you are not in sync, and the strength of the emotion is how far away you’ve gone this time.
    2. Then as you relax, allow the possibilities present themselves.

Just as there are what human’s regard and label as terrible things, there are unlimited possibilities to delight and refresh not only the world you live in but the world you have not even imagined yet!

What is Possi-Ability? A Closer Look|
What is Possi-Ability? A Closer Look|