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New Book, Getting To Happy, Is A Must-Read For The Self-Help Connoisseur

WASHINGTON, November 15, 2018, A Wise Solution’s new release — Getting To Happy, Learning to Read Emotional Messages, brings congenial clarity to the pursuit of happy living.. This new company, (May 2018) is owned by Barbara Dean Aliaga. Ms. Aliaga, author of Getting To Happy, states: “It has become a daily challenge to sit down to the dinner table without feeling the influence of negative world events. Learning to read emotional messages and possessing tools to respond in positive ways can make the difference in quality of life.”

Barbara Dean Aliaga retired at age 72 after a lifetime of teaching, writing, and executive management. She now focuses on her loves: family life, art, writing. and friendship. In Getting To Happy, she writes: “The element of surprise often awakens us from a complacency where we coast away from a happy state. … The more negative our emotions, the further away we are from the state of happiness.” Ms. Aliaga is able to blend her life experience with current spiritual, philosophical and psychological viewpoints. She has been a student of thought throughout her life.

“See what will happen when you place a moratorium on negative thinking. Notice how you feel when you hear negative thoughts. How will you feel when you turn them into alternative positive viewpoints? Let’s ease into an awareness of our surroundings. Our goal is to let your positive attitudes lead the way for the sake of happiness. We will focus on our peace, our abundance and quality of life. I have never regretted time spent looking at the brighter side of life!

Readers will walk away with effective tools and encouraged to become aware of emotional messages. This can be life-changing reading.
More about this book and author:
Paperback: 193 pages
Publisher: Independently published (October 28, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 172687138X
ISBN-13: 978-1726871389
Available in paperback

Barbara Dean Aliaga,, for further information, schedule an interview, or with help listening to your emotions.

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