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Commitment To Write: Day 6 February 2019

When you are a teacher of happy, many times it is a challenge to let go of negative and worrisome thoughts like judging leaders of our country, church, schools, etc., to be inept and promoting fear. So, let’s talk about:

Dependency on Leadership

I grew up in the fifties. You know, the Father Knows Best era. The etiquette I learned from my mother was not understood but tolerated.

“Here Dad, have the last cookie!”

I was created to be happy and serve. …and … follow the leader!

“He who follows me gets big treat!” my father called outside my bedroom door when he scheduled polio shots for his kids. And, he knew how to treat us with a milkshake at Dryers on College Avenue. I was the first one in the car and ready to take the shot knowing the treat in store for me!

Leaders like my father made me feel safe. There was a bubble surrounding me of security and what I interpreted to be confidence in our way is the best way. This lasted throughout my childhood. I was taught by example how to transfer trust in leaders to priests, teachers, policemen, milkman, even our friend’s fathers. It was a Leave It To Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet, type of life.

Experience is a great teacher, and I was an apt learner. As an adult, I eventually realized not all leaders were able to perform as charitably as my Dad. There were leaders who fumbled, led us off the happiness road, and even ignored their duties. Trusting in leaders over my own good judgment often left me disappointed and bitter.

What is your experience? Do the leaders in your life inspire you? Are you lead to a higher form of living? Is you leader inclusive or fearful, often reminding you of the reason you need to be fearful? Do you merely tolerate their actions? Do you grumble about a leader’s directive? Do you lack the power? Perhaps you can be the leader of yourself. That may be a good place to start!

In my lifetime, I have found the statement, To your own self be true, to be my signature. I need to cooperate with my inspiration. I have taught myself stay put until I feel good. If I don’t feel quite right about an action, I don’t do it.

I check back often to see if the country’s news is going to make me feel inspired. It is just the opposite. Until it is authentic and consistent inspiration, I cannot follow. I cannot see exclusion, but I can experience what it feels like. I love inclusion and I love the experience of its feelings. We could move as a people towards inclusion and away from differences and fear.

Fear taps at my door every day. I say, Hello fear. But when I answer the door, it evaporates and is not there at all. The news I read as a child and the news I can read on my iPhone now continues to insist, fear is knocking at your door. Open the door and it won’t be there.

I write and meditate and clean up my stuff. I play games, love my family and friends, rest and grow in inclusion. I welcome a life of respect, generosity, kindness, cooperation, harmony., laughter, creativity, love. I know it begins with me. I am my leader.

Life is sure an adventure of learning. Best to you this day!

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