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Music and Art keeps me sane!

I’ve heard it said, Gratitude is the healthiest of emotions. So I propose music, writing, dancing, painting, drawing, singing, liberal arts, are the healthiest of activities. And, don’t you know this is the time to stay healthy. 🙂


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Commitment to Write: Day 14 February 2019

Day to Spread Love Energy!

Message to self: Half way through my personal challenge!

Keep up the good work!


I don’t know about you, but holidays on demand always bring a bit of the opposite celebratory effect. Belief, Hope and Love can be a way of life. No need to stress over this one day. Instead choose to enjoy the aspects of the day that allow joy and happiness.

Love is our core. Every day it is our privilege to radiate from our core outward, starting with the physical, mental and spiritual care of ourselves and then to the world beyond.

Let any nervousness subside about giving the right gift to a loved one, or stressing over making the most amazing dinner tonight, or even being without that special someone.

This is a day for lighthearted fun! Cupid is not a serious character! — a little mischieveous, I’d say. This is a day to smile! Let your sunshine out! Sing, dance, speak in words that make eternal sense: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE… doo, dah, doo, dah, doo!

Please help me spread a relatively new way of thinking about emotions. Please read and share:

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages. A lifetime of longing for a happy lifestyle led her to a set of tools helpful to quick returns from irritation, anxiety, and general unrest. Continue your journey with her. (Available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible)

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If I Am Honest

Comfort In My Own Skin

If I am honest….

My hands are big and bumpy with bulging veins.

My feet burn with mild throbbing, vibrating pains.

My stomach is unfeelingly large, old and lazy.

My vision blurs in and out and mostly hazy.

My arms are achy but able to lift.

My hair is thinning.  My scalp adrift.

My nose is large and itchy,  fighting to take over my face.

My memory plays tricks, hiding keys, taking a date to a different place.

My teeth vibrate with mild discomfort, disliking the dentist who brings more hurt.

My legs are swollen, marbled with veins. Is that the result of too much dessert?

My ears can hear, my nose smell, my eyes see, my tongue taste, my hands can feel.

I am in fine shape at 68, though if you ask me most days, I’d say not ideal.


So what happened to that girl of twenty-three, who loved and dreamed with glee?

Did she use her body to love them all?  Did she find the magic key?

Was she able to change the world with her love? Did she make the best of choices?

Did she take the roads less traveled?  Did she listen to her inner voices?


Am I like the Velveteen Rabbit who gave its all for love? You know,

I think I am.  I have been faithful throughout my life, now I’m ready to let go.

It’s not that I will die today,  tomorrow or the next, I have much more to give,

Let this  be a time to share, give thanks, receive, forgive.

It’s time to celebrate the life together and feel the goodness of all that has been.

So I won’t measure myself against celebrities and I’ll be comfortable in my own skin.

— Barbara Dean Aliaga