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Commitment to Write: Day 14 February 2019

Day to Spread Love Energy!

Message to self: Half way through my personal challenge!

Keep up the good work!


I don’t know about you, but holidays on demand always bring a bit of the opposite celebratory effect. Belief, Hope and Love can be a way of life. No need to stress over this one day. Instead choose to enjoy the aspects of the day that allow joy and happiness.

Love is our core. Every day it is our privilege to radiate from our core outward, starting with the physical, mental and spiritual care of ourselves and then to the world beyond.

Let any nervousness subside about giving the right gift to a loved one, or stressing over making the most amazing dinner tonight, or even being without that special someone.

This is a day for lighthearted fun! Cupid is not a serious character! — a little mischieveous, I’d say. This is a day to smile! Let your sunshine out! Sing, dance, speak in words that make eternal sense: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE… doo, dah, doo, dah, doo!

Please help me spread a relatively new way of thinking about emotions. Please read and share:

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If I Am Honest

Comfort In My Own Skin

If I am honest….

My hands are big and bumpy with bulging veins.

My feet burn with mild throbbing, vibrating pains.

My stomach is unfeelingly large, old and lazy.

My vision blurs in and out and mostly hazy.

My arms are achy but able to lift.

My hair is thinning.  My scalp adrift.

My nose is large and itchy,  fighting to take over my face.

My memory plays tricks, hiding keys, taking a date to a different place.

My teeth vibrate with mild discomfort, disliking the dentist who brings more hurt.

My legs are swollen, marbled with veins. Is that the result of too much dessert?

My ears can hear, my nose smell, my eyes see, my tongue taste, my hands can feel.

I am in fine shape at 68, though if you ask me most days, I’d say not ideal.


So what happened to that girl of twenty-three, who loved and dreamed with glee?

Did she use her body to love them all?  Did she find the magic key?

Was she able to change the world with her love? Did she make the best of choices?

Did she take the roads less traveled?  Did she listen to her inner voices?


Am I like the Velveteen Rabbit who gave its all for love? You know,

I think I am.  I have been faithful throughout my life, now I’m ready to let go.

It’s not that I will die today,  tomorrow or the next, I have much more to give,

Let this  be a time to share, give thanks, receive, forgive.

It’s time to celebrate the life together and feel the goodness of all that has been.

So I won’t measure myself against celebrities and I’ll be comfortable in my own skin.

— Barbara Dean Aliaga

Two Exercises For Peace, Love and Happiness

Today I am offering two ideas for a more pleasant day.  Audio Blog Available.

Number one:  Plan your day as if it has already taken place.

This exercise might seem a bit strange at first, but it packs a powerful punch. Instead of getting up in the morning and hoping things will turn out, imagine the actions of the day as already having taken place, as if you are watching a movie.  Imagine you are finished with the day.  Imagine how you feel because of the day’s events.

You can rise in the morning with enthusiasm, or you may dread the day.  The first thing you can do is be thankful for your bed, for the body you are in, for your surroundings and for the people in your life.  The best days start with appreciation for what you have.  The second thing you can do is to plan for your day.  See yourself talking to your co-workers in a happy environment of sharing.  See yourself completing your tasks at work with ease and enjoyment.  Imagine all sorts of good surprises for yourself. And, top it off with the thought, that all of your dreams have already come true!  Imagine you are getting ready for bed tonight and enjoying the memories of the actualization of your dreams.

As I said, this may seem a bit strange at first. But don’t give up!  It will bring about happier situations throughout your day as you perfect your skills.  You are beginning to achieve the skill of objectivity.  You are beginning to see yourself and your situations in a new light and gain power over your daily life and situations.  You are in touch with your core of happiness.

Number two:  Be your greatest fan

Have you ever heard yourself singing or read something you wrote long ago and been surprised that it was you singing or writing? Have you ever come across a project from work that gave you an amazing feeling that it was you who accomplished that project?  If so, you have a rare opportunity to be your greatest fan.

Self-love is the beginning task for all of us.  To the extent you love and admire your true self you will be able to love others … and not a speck more.   Take time today to find out more about yourself and see if you can be proud to know yourself the same way you would be proud to say you know a rockstar or politician or actress or boss or anyone you admire in your life.  Are you proud to know you?  Are you proud to be you?  That is powerful stuff.

Many people are taught to love their neighbor as themselves.  They may work hard on charity events only to find themselves unhappy and in conflict with those they work with.  They wonder how it is that they can be so charitable and so irritated at the same time.  Of course, you know the answer.  You cannot give what you do not have.  Love yourself and loving others becomes a natural response.

Perhaps today you will take time to express yourself in art, writing, singing, playing an instrument or creating an audio book.  Tomorrow, enjoy what you have created.  Don’t worry if you have not received any feedback from anyone regarding how great you are.  Take time to enjoy and admire who the person is behind the creation …. you!  Allow yourself to admire yourself and you will experience happiness and peace because you will be coming in contact with all that we consider important.


Daily Preparation For Happiness

When you take a test, you study for it.  When you have a dinner party, you plan for it.  Doesn’t it make sense that if you want to have a happy day, you envision it?

Positive thinking takes a little planning at the beginning of each day.  After the planning takes place, it is smooth sailing.

Can you just imagine a happy day, every day?  Can you imagine leaving behind days of worry, fear and frustration.  Why not spend a moment or two each day planning for ways to let your happiness shine through?  Here are some more ideas:

  1. Go to sleep thinking of all the people with whom you will meet tomorrow.  Think of what you like about each one.  Envision yourself laughing with them tomorrow.  Enjoy their smiles.  (By the way, this is a great way to fall asleep).  If there is someone you have not gotten along well with during the day, picture this person bringing you a bunch of balloons.  Picture both of you laughing at the wind.  Plan to see the brighter side of this person next time you meet.  Realize you are both of the same fabric.
  2. Put a ring on your finger.  When you rise, imagine how good you will feel in the outfit you are about to wear.   Plan to be attentive to your desire to be happy by wearing a ring on your finger to remind you that happiness can only be blocked by your negative thoughts.   Each time you see your ring, check the way you feel.  If you are feeling bad, pause and change gears.  Allow happiness to flow through your being throughout the day.
  3. Use your smart phone’s alarm.  Set your phone’s alarm or timer for an hourly check throughout the day.  When you hear the reminder, check to see what you are doing and how you feel.  What are you thinking about? Is there a smile on your face or are you lost in self-imposed attitudes that are causing you to feel bad?  You can change your thoughts immediately and remember your intention to be loyal to the happiness and peace that lives within you.  This is a great way to create habits of well-being.
  4. Plan your day by removing all worry.  It is important to plan your day.  It is powerful planning when you remove worry, concern, anger, defense and any other negative thinking to your plan.  For instance, if your plan is to improve at work and you say to yourself, I must not make anymore mistakes when I type, changes are that you are planning to make mistakes and you’ll wonder why your day went so poorly.  However, if you plan to improve at work by allowing your natural ability to be happy shine through everything you do, and you say, I love who I am and I am eager to share my wonderful abilities to make all that I do helpful to myself and others, I will be able to work mistake-free because I am in tuned with the best of everyone else at work.  Plan without worry.

Plan to be loyal to who you truly are and all things will follow.  It is possible to have a worry-free, guilt-free day.  It is possible to have heaven on earth.  It really is our choice.