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The Art of Feeling Good – Five Lessons

There are so many ways to feel good. Here are some:

  1. Wake up with the enthusiasm of a child. A child wakes up with surprise, readiness and willingness to explore whatever is around. It can be a toy, a first experience with snow, a shadow, the sun or anything else that presents itself. Before you go to sleep, make the intention to wake up with childlike acceptance of all around you. Be aware the moment you find yourself conscious. Listen. Look around the room and enjoy the delights of your furniture, the light coming into the window, the feeling of your bedding and anything else that catches your attention. Take a moment to feel your toes, your legs, your arms, your hands and your amazing ability to use your eyes!
  2. Be grateful for everything you encounter. Forget judging situations as good or bad. Enjoy the rainy weather with as much enthusiasm as sunny days. Enjoy the days you are tired as much as the days you have great spurts of energy. Enjoy the opportunity to be on earth to explore all kinds of experiences. Nothing is good or bad. Everything is. The more you appreciate each moment, the more capacity you will have for happiness.
  3. Forget what you should do and just do. Let go of obligatory relationships. Take on relationships that feel free. Love another and actively demonstrate your love to another because the opportunity is in front of you. Let go of thoughts that tell you to demonstrate your love out of duty. Let go of thoughts when you think that performing such actions will make you a better human being. You already are perfect. Act from the core of love and you will always feel good.
  4. Remember you come from the same source as everyone else. There is no one better than you. You are not better than anyone else. You are of the same substance as everything and everyone. How you wish to express your being-ness makes you unique and gives you the enjoyment of being on earth. Try not to benchmark yourself with anyone else. It may be difficult to do at first, but with practice you will experience such joy that you will forget the introspection in exchange for the good feelings of satisfaction.
  5. Recognize that love isn’t only for the flower-children. Be truly brave and find your sense of well-being. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be a very popular stance to choose to love over defending one’s position. Most times we get caught up in fighting for some intellectual thought cloaked as morality and all but lose our connection with our true nature. We think we must stand fast if we are to save this nation or ourselves. We fight and stand up for so many ideals that allude us and wonder why we don’t feel well. Choose love and every time you will be saved from feeling bad.

Oh, No! The Enemy Is Me

No matter how I want to imagine my enemies they will eventually end up evaporating and be replaced with new enemies.  What I see and who I see as an enemy is not absolute reality. It is an idea usually sold to me by another or a set of circumstances.  When I believe someone or something is my enemy I create a situation and that situation always contains apprehension, sorrow and sadness.

Once we understand and accept this concept everything changes. No longer can we blame life, others, lack of attention as a child, bad breaks or poor health on our situation.  We create our situation by continuing to project dissatisfaction, discrimination and anger to all that is in our world.

We go from one enemy to another.  We blame the government.  We blame corporations.  We blame our bosses.  We blame our neighbors.  We get the impression that it is intelligent to know who our enemies are and be able to discuss this at work and at parties.  We are caught in a quagmire of negative thoughts, thoughts of defense, thoughts of uneasiness.  And anyone who does not agree with us is naive and must be lacking in intelligence.

Hopefully, somewhere in our lives, we will come to understand that there is no enemy except the enemy we have imagined and therefore created.  The only real person who is a threat to my life is me.  The only person who can ultimately save my life is me.  No one else can do it.

Most of us don’t create many singular enemies so we imagine that we are happy, civilized people leading the best lives we know how to.  Most of us adhere to group ideas of enemies. We are sold an idea of who the enemy is and we become fearful and grateful that we have been notified so that we can protect ourselves.

If you watch the nightly news you will become educated to the enemies you should be aware of.  Since the beginning of our birth, newspapers, radio and television programs have identified our enemies for us.  I am reminded of seeing an ad on a bus when I was in high school with the picture of Kruschev shaking his finger at me and the words on top of his picture said, “We shall bury you!”  That was enough to make me fearful. Years later I began to think about that ad and I wondered who placed it.  Surely Kruschev did not have the time or desire to place an ad on a bus in Oakland, California, all the way from Russia. From a high school girl’s point-of-view, this man was mighty powerful and could reach right into our homes.   Who really was trying to scare people like me?   I began to see how we “sell” ideas of enemy.

When I come to believe there can be no enemy unless the enemy is me, I am able to make the first sustainable peace agreement in my world.  I am able to make peace on earth! With daily practice, I channel the energy used to defend myself against myself into a much more pleasant and productive reality. Peace is possible.  I’ve seen peace and, oh yes, peace is me.

New Year’s Recipe for Happiness

After welcoming in the New Year last night, you may need a bit of a pick-me-up this morning. Here’s a recipe that can be used throughout the year. It serves between one and a million. It’s a great hit at parties.

  • 2 parts       Appreciation
  • 1 part        Confidence
  • 2 parts      Imagination
  • A sprinkle of humor
  • A dash of mischief
  • 5 parts       Action
  1. Take the appreciation you have for the people in your life and mix it slowly with confidence you have in yourself until well blended.  Be sure to let the feelings breathe so that the mixture rises and doubles about 2-1/2 times.
  2. Now take the imagination of all things possible and sprinkle the humor and
  3. mischief.  Beat happily at high speed until well-formed ideas begin to emerge.
  4. Combine the blended appreciation and confidence with the blended imagination, humor and mischief until effervescent.
  5. Let concoction stand until it sustains a new action filled with peace, joy, hope and love.

Amazingly, this recipe can take the form of dance, singing, playing an instrument, leaving for an adventure, driving peacefully in a traffic jam, going to work,
cleaning up a room, gardening, talking with a friend, reading a book, rearranging a drawer, playing with your dog and so much more.  Be prepared to have a really good time!  Happy New Year!


Road To Relaxation

Each day if you choose to be miserable, you can build one worry and concern on top of the other.  You can imagine all sorts of things that could go wrong during the day.  You can strategize and plan ways to overcome the troublesome things that may come your way.

Remember these imaginings are created by your thoughts.  They most certainly will cross your path if you wish.  You can create a day full of conflict, hurt and sorrow.

Just as easily, you can recognize the underlying road of relaxation that is always with you.  Yes, your core being is perfect.  It is neither good nor bad.  It simply is.

If you choose, imagine a wonderful day filled with happy surprises.  Take time before you start your day to be grateful for your body, for all the people you will meet today, for your surroundings.  If you choose, put a smile on your face right now and begin your day on the road to relaxation.

Create Positive Situations With Positive Thinking

You want to be happy today, …now.  As you become aware of all the thoughts that attract thought-like-situations, you can steer away from negative thinking and steer toward more and more positive thoughts.

You may not realize how many negative thoughts surround your day.

Think of yourself in a small, motorized row-boat.  You are floating in ocean water.  As you advance toward your goal (land) you see floating pieces of wood that will jam your motor so you steer around.  You see masses of bark and lots and seaweed you must steer around.  If you get entangled in the patch you could be caught up indefinitely.  You understand how easily it would be to overturn the boat and you are reminded how you must balance the boat so as not to capsize in the middle of nowhere.  You are unable to enjoy the boat ride with all this worry and concern.  If you stop and consider, this may be the story of your life.

You may get up in the morning only to meet every challenge that you have created in your mind:  too much work, too little money, too much noise, too little privacy, etc.  Your thoughts have created this reality.  And when you stop polluting your mind with thoughts of negativity you will be left with an ocean, a reality, of happiness.  Happiness is always present, just as the ocean is always present.  You are made of happiness.  It is your substance.  You only need to stop polluting your happiness with negative thoughts and you’ll find it immediately.

In case you don’t realize (and all of us don’t) what your negative thoughts look like, click on this file.  When you are aware of your thoughts, you can steer away from them and replace them with positive thinking. Imagine life with no worries.  Attract situations that will allow you to smile today.