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Commitment to Write: Day 16 February 2019

Play Like There’s No Tomorrow!


  • Begin your day with quiet appreciation and commitment to fun!  When you get up without any meditation or quiet time, find a room or place outdoors where you can spend between 5 and 10 minutes, more if you like.
    • Begin by taking deep breaths — with a smile on your face.
    • Remember a time when exhilaration flooded your life.
    • Hold onto the feeling for a moment.
    • As you enjoy the good feeling, let yourself float down a slow-moving river on a raft, in the warm sunshine, with a warm breeze upon your face. Be with your energy being. Be with your quiet.
    • You can fill your day with fun!
  • During the day be mindful of situations. Some events may energize and enthuse you. Some, however, may surprisingly worry, irritate, or disappoint you. I have heard and talked about many times, ATTITUDE is responsible for 100% of your outcome. A worrisome event and the emotion stemming from it, can alert you to an unknown attitude toward a person, place or thing.
    • Let’s use an example. You experience a misunderstanding between you and your mate (be it family, friend, stranger). Stop as soon as you can and find a quiet place. Consider you may have coaxed this energy to show itself with past thoughts. What are the internal stories you tell about your mate lately? What attitudes circle around your mind? Exchange an attitude for something more comfortable and you can head into a more satisfying conversation. Attitudes stem from thoughts, thoughts feed off the interpretations you give to what you see. Take time to imagine a better way to think about your mate. Let go of past attitudes that do not serve you.
    • It is possible to change things around in a moment. And, why not now? It’s is much more fun to play like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Remember your commitment to FUN. There are infinite paths to take today. Your natural state is happy, fun, kind. Turn in this direction, upgrade your-authentic, happy ability.

We might ask ourselves if depression occurs in our brain after years and years of negative thinking. It is never too late to turn around and find a new path to feel better. We are free to choose slightly better thoughts and stop focusing on the negative. 

Survive until rescued by Happiness. Breathe and receive better feelings, no matter how small. 

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Fun is a state of mind. You don’t need an objective benchmark to know if you are enjoying yourself. You can be lounging in your home, reading a good book, gardening, painting, creating a new recipe, talking with friends, redecorating, shopping, walking, dancing, swimming, or even cleaning up a corner of the world you have special fondness for. You know you are having fun when you can breathe deeply, smile easily and love the one you are with!

Happy Saturday! Best to you, Barbara

Can thoughts be controlled?

woman wearing white shirt looking on top holding white ceramic mug
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Who is controlling thoughts?  When I was young I was taught that I  have happy thoughts and bad thoughts.  I remember a story that was read to me.  It was about the good angel and the bad angel who sat on my shoulders. The good angel whispered thoughts that were good.  And the bad angel  whispered thoughts that were bad. I loved when my mother would find time to read to me at bedtime.  Little Tommy would be tempted to steal a bicycle, — or maybe it was a pair of skates that were fastened under his shoes, — from a neighbor’s house.  He could be fooled into thinking that his actions were good when, in fact they were not good for him in the long run.  After taking the skates, he had to return them.  He felt oh, so bad.  He had missed the happiness mark and was now separated from everyone else.  He felt all alone by what he did and I felt bad for him.  I was taught about choosing good and avoiding evil by hearing these stories over and over. The good angel sent happy emotions and the bad angel sent unhappy emotions.  I was learning to listen to my emotions to help me make sense out of life.

In remembering this, I begin to check with what is serving up my inner conversations.  I seem to Happy have a playlist that is not serving me at all.  I want to keep checking these endless,  inner conversations that produce and often times, prevent my actions.

Why is it important to run playlists that are happy?  Happy thoughts serve me!  Happiness allows actions that support health, wealth and peace of mind. Happiness produces clarity and stamps out confusion.  Happiness allows love to energize me. Connect to feelings of happiness and I will act in ways that help me lose weight, create wealth, and live a peaceful life.  Happiness is my guiding force to help me get what I want.

Who is the gatekeeper of thoughts, if not me?

I bring out all sorts of thoughts on any subject matter without even being aware of it.  I can be unconscious and let an assortment of past experiences, mostly bad experiences, play on a looped setting.  I can play this endlessly until I become conscious and choose to change my thoughts.  If I check, I can recognize that only one thought can be entertained in any given moment.  It is very reasonable then, to change my negative and hurtful thoughts to thoughts more positive and supportive of me.

Negative thoughts that are looped brings discouragement and self-doubt into my existence.

What does all this mean?  How can I make a happy day out of this?

  1. Happiness is the core value of my life.
  2. Begin and end my day with a moment of quiet.  Focus on nature: waves, trees, flowers, animals, rain, snow, sunshine.  Focus without attaching any judgement or description to it.  If I  become aware that I am lost in thoughts about the tree, (like I find I am thinking about how dry the tree looks and how I better water it), I will bring myself back to meeting the object of my focus as if I have seen it for the first time.
    1. I have stopped the looped playlists when a deep breath, perhaps a yawn, takes place, but don’t wait for it… that will be a thought.
  3. Commit to regularly checking in with my feelings.  When I am unhappy or anxious, I will veer my actions toward something I particularly like to do.
  4. New, improved actions can bring about new, improved thoughts.
  5. Keep refining a list of actions that particularly allow happiness to shine through to my conscious mind.  Keep 5 actions updated and kept in a place I will view frequently during this day.  Locate actions that increase my ability for happiness on a daily basis.

I am hopeful these two actions can help me change my direction

We have lots to do on this journey of life.  If you haven’t The Longest Journey, perhaps that will be helpful also.

We are destined for an enjoyable life!