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World Changes One Step At A Time đź‘Ť

According to news media, we don’t always change the world for good.

  • We don’t change things for good when we war against what we want changed. It just doesn’t work! Wars usually create more trouble than good: war against drugs, war against climate change, war against poverty, war against racism, etc. We sometimes focus so forcefully on what we don’t like, we inflate our problem for ourselves and others.
  • Also, I don’t think we change what we don’t like by making people afraid. We get people’s attention by means of fear, but we don’t change the lifestyle of people we are scaring. We create focus on what we are afraid of, like building walls around countries, or locking up people we are afraid of, or even killing people we fear. Fight or flight. It seems like news stories consistently ignite human fear.

The solution is simple!
We can solve challenges, make changes, in a more calm, peaceful, loving way!

I tell myself: Changes are made in MY world, by MY perspective!

  • I strive to live a peaceful life regardless of any person, place or thing.
    • A better way to say this:
      • I CAN live in a peaceful world, when I AM LIVING A PEACEFUL LIFE!

I have been groomed, reformed, refined, reprimanded, chiseled, quieted, asked to speak up, asked to change my mind, told I am naive, until I have felt it hard to sing my song!

Sing a song, keep it simple, keep it strong. Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad. (Song I remember from the Carpenters).

So here it is. I primarily work in collaboration with myself.

I delight when I see other humans who share this intuitive understanding. We often pass along our way and acknowledge the other.

Our world does change one step at a time. It changes in ways we like when we allow the change we want into our own life.

To Sum Up: Here is a poem I came across yesterday on Facebook.

My grandmother once gave me a tip:

In difficult times, move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don't think about the future
or what may happen tomorrow.

Wash the dishes.
Remove the dust
Write a letter.
Make a soup.

You see?

Advance step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Rest a little.
Praise yourself.
Take another step.
And then another.

You won't notice, but your steps will. grow more and more.
And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

Author:  Elena Mikhalkova

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Commitment to Write: Day 25 February 2019

The Healing Power of Creation, Digital Painting by Barbara Dean Aliaga


Before we begin, please consider picking up a copy:

For your convenience, I am pleased provide links to GETTING TO HAPPY:   Learning to Read Emotional Messages.

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The Road To Relaxation — Barbara Dean Aliaga

…..  and now our blog…


What does inspiration sound like? How do you know you’ve been inspired?

  1. You feel good when you meet up with someone who inspires you.  It’s like breathing in fresh air! When you are in their midst, you can feel the activation of life building within you. You leave the old, gloomy life and again believe in better. Friends who motivate you in this manner bring special gifts. Treasure and cultivate their friendship.
  2. The inspired people in your life focus on ideas.  Pay attention and choose the friend who weaves and produces new ideas. They seldom spend time gossiping about other people. Useless complaints are sparse. These people thrive on motivation, stimulation, whim. Occasionally, you wonder if they are naive, unrealistic, just plain silly. But how will you breathe without inspiration? Can you remain within the faults of a troubled world?
  3. Allow inspiration into your life.  There are infinite delicacies within this day to experience. Incorporate these inspired concepts into your life. Allow brilliancy, cleverness, excellence and wisdom into your life today. Breathe these feelings into your day!
  4. If you allow me, I can inspire you to newer grounds of happiness.  This has been my life, my ease. You may also consider yourself an uplifter. When you experience inspiration, please share comments on this blog as a forum. You can create within the magical world of yourself. It is much more fun, however, and far more inspiring when you can share your inspiration and build on it with others. Please open and sustain discussions here. It will help you and others and it will give a new perspective on your blog.
  5. Here is to a day of inspiration!  Let these words guide you through your day. How many of them can you use today? How many times can you demonstrate the inspiration within these words? Do you have other words of inspiration that are important to you?
    1. intelligence
    2. wisdom
    3. animation
    4. creation
    5. inventiveness
    6. innovation
    7. discovery
    8. encouragement
    9. belief
    10. hope
    11. love

We can inspire ourselves and the world around us on this fine Monday, and every day of our lives. Best to you, Barbara