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The Art Of Receiving, Part Two

When you are in the state of reception you recognize that you come from a limitless source or origin.  You are conscious of the fullness of life.  Waking moments are filled with gratitude.  Your day is filled with receiving each moment as gifts and as your thoughts are aligned with gratitude within your actions your life appears limitless and joyful.  An atmosphere of plenty surrounds every moment.

People may argue that thinking everything is limitless is naive.  Surely there is not a enough money, they say.  Surely there are not enough jobs for all.  Surely there are not limitless ways to do something.   It is this kind of thinking that makes receiving very difficult.  Respect of resources continues to be a necessary aspect of your ability to receive.  Yet, fear of losing and states of neediness, put a clamp on the connection to our limitless origins.

You see signs stating Believe.  This reminder can be helpful in opening up your receptors to all that is intended for you today.  On this last day of the year, let’s take a step toward receiving our inheritance of an amazing existence.

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Create Positive Situations With Positive Thinking

You want to be happy today, …now.  As you become aware of all the thoughts that attract thought-like-situations, you can steer away from negative thinking and steer toward more and more positive thoughts.

You may not realize how many negative thoughts surround your day.

Think of yourself in a small, motorized row-boat.  You are floating in ocean water.  As you advance toward your goal (land) you see floating pieces of wood that will jam your motor so you steer around.  You see masses of bark and lots and seaweed you must steer around.  If you get entangled in the patch you could be caught up indefinitely.  You understand how easily it would be to overturn the boat and you are reminded how you must balance the boat so as not to capsize in the middle of nowhere.  You are unable to enjoy the boat ride with all this worry and concern.  If you stop and consider, this may be the story of your life.

You may get up in the morning only to meet every challenge that you have created in your mind:  too much work, too little money, too much noise, too little privacy, etc.  Your thoughts have created this reality.  And when you stop polluting your mind with thoughts of negativity you will be left with an ocean, a reality, of happiness.  Happiness is always present, just as the ocean is always present.  You are made of happiness.  It is your substance.  You only need to stop polluting your happiness with negative thoughts and you’ll find it immediately.

In case you don’t realize (and all of us don’t) what your negative thoughts look like, click on this file.  When you are aware of your thoughts, you can steer away from them and replace them with positive thinking. Imagine life with no worries.  Attract situations that will allow you to smile today.

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On the eve of Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas  It has been said  that the source of energy is within each of us.  It appears to me that love is the source of energy.  The first rule of celebrating Christmas is to take a moment to celebrate yourself and the magnificent service of your body and mind.  If you would take a moment and give yourself a gift of the present moment.  Take a deep breath of satisfaction.  Take a moment to think about the amazing production that is taking place right now in your circulatory system.  Take a moment to think about how lucky you are to see this computer and the words I am writing.  Amazing.

I don’t even know you, but I am able to reach out to you.  This is the miracle of the present moment.  This is something I can be grateful for and celebrate.  I can enjoy myself.  And, when I love myself I can find it oh so easy to love others.  As I love others I find that there is no limit to my love.  At this time of year, I am grateful for life within and without me.

Just a reminder: the happiness of the holidays does not have to exist only within large gatherings.  It can be found with as few as one, although it can be magnified with another or others.  The point here is that life is here for all of us, no matter how many or how few are around our table.

Be at peace and freely enjoy yourself!