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The Importance of Assessing Your Thoughts

When I began my newest project in writing I was eager to get to completion.  I created Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort for my niece who had experienced the hardest of life’s realities, that of the death of her mother. As the writing took place, I realized that I would need to commit to the directives of positive thinking found within the book.  I practiced the exercises to see if they indeed could turn around negative, painful thinking.  The results were amazing. Not only was I happier, my situation improved.  My life became fuller.  I was able to accomplish more.  More people came into my life who delighted me.  Parking places opened up for me.  Solutions to daily challenges became clearly apparent. Living in the dark is a choice.  The way to turn on the light in any dark situation is to think a positive thought.  My workbook will give you ideas that will help you keep the lights on! Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort is available in print and ePub.  For those who read this book, it would be most helpful for me to hear your reviews.  Has this book helped you?  How have you taken it to another level?  Thank you in advance for your assistance. — Barbara Dean Aliaga

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Powerful Little Book of Comfort — To Encourage Those Who Have Experienced Loss

The electricity went out yesterday, late afternoon, on our island with noisy gusts of wind.  It was a lovely evening of conversations. Now, I am happy to announce that “Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort” is available on and soon to be available on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Sony and more eBook outlets.  This book was inspired by the experience of losing my loving sister-in-law earlier this year.  Her sudden death left us all deeply shaken. Devastation can come to those who have experienced a sudden detachment from the people, places and things so interwoven with their personal identity that it is hard to distinguish self from the lost person, place or thing.  This book is written for those who have lost a loved one in death, in divorce or separation; those who have left home to go off to college or left their family and moved to a new location far away; those who have lost their homes, companies or jobs. I hope this little book will be used as a coaching workbook in this difficult transition.  You can download a sample or purchase this book through today.             The woman on the cover is from an original and is called, “Growing Pains”.  Prints of it are available on        

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Aunt Barbara’s Powerful Little Book of Comfort

“Devastation seldom sends a gold-leaf, “save-the-date” announcement.” All of us have needed to come to the aid of a family member or friend in their time of loss. So many times we wish to offer assistance, warmth and caring, yet it is sometimes hard to know what to say or how to support.  I am working on a book that i hope will materialize into a useful tool.  It will be ePublished on soon. I will utilize this blog for readers to share their life stories as comments and as a way to let me know how I can be of further assistance in your time of recovery.

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