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Appreciation Game For Sleepless Nights

Once you awaken during the night, it may be tricky getting back to sleep!  Appreciation games can keep your mind occupied away from negative worry and needless concerns.  You can make positive impressions while slipping back into a comfortable snooze!

I tried this game last night.  It was a gale-warning night outside. The banging of a summer umbrella left open woke us up.  Here’s how I played:  With each letter of the alphabet, name a feeling word of gratitude.  You know what they say, gratitude is the healthiest of emotions!  Matching appreciative feelings to a letter may take a lot of time and you may fall asleep right away.  If you wake up again, pick up where you left off.  It will look something like this:

  • A – apple  The delicious APPLE pie I ate last night.
  • B – backyard.  I love the little yard on the side of my house.  It’s like a safe cloister.
  • C-can’t think of anything… nodding off to sleep!
  • C – couches.  I love to work from one of my couches and look at the scenery.
  • D–door.  I love my new front door.  It’s so welcoming!
  • E–envelopes. They are handy, aren’t they? I appreciate having them around.
  • F-family. I seem to appreciate family more and more lately.
  • G-giraffe. What interesting animals. So graceful!

You get the point.  Have fun. Use your awake time to explore just how many aspects of your life you feel gratefulness. Appreciate your surroundings, people in your life, things you like to eat, places you like to go.  Head toward appreciation and for a moment, let go of your concerns.

You can play this game during your five-minute time-out.  Notice emotions of irritation, anger, disappointment, worry, even sluggishness? Then stop.  It’s time to look for things that make you feel better.  What better way to do this than plan the Appreciation Alphabet Game.  You can get back to your happy lifestyle in no time.

Happy days take happy thoughts!

Best to you, Barbara

Remember to pick up a copy of GETTING TO HAPPY:  Learning To Read Emotional Messages.  Look for the Audio Book available soon!

Enjoy Holidays with these techniques

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages. Author and Artist Barbara Dean Aliaga

You look at the calendar.  All the wonderful projects you were going to accomplish this year are not even begun!

Every year around this time you may feel a little anxious, a little overwhelmed.  How do you handle the stresses of the holidays?  Keeping a balance between activities and quiet times is always helpful but especially beneficial now.  There is a simple technique to remedy your off times.  It is quick.  It is easy.  You just have to remember to pay attention to your feelings.

Yes.  Listen to any emotions with negative impact upon you.   You can study the technique further.  For the purposes of today, here are techniques I have found successful for a quick recovery from irritation, gloom and doom.

  • Start your day with 5 minutes of quiet.  No thoughts.  No worries.  No interpretations.  Breathe in and out.  Listen to your breath.  Travel to the peaceful spot within you.  This is where your strength for the day will be.  Feel the peace.  Feel the confidence.  Feel the comfort. This is the core of happiness.
  • End your 5 minutes of quiet with 5 positive adjectives about you.
    You may find negative adjectives readily pop up.  Pay no attention.  Look for some fun, positive adjectives.  Words have power.  Use them to your advantage.  Do these words lift you up?  If so, use them throughout the day and see how things look brighter.  You may even have a new found confidence.  Now that’s the way to enter the holiday spirit!
  • Listen to your feelings.  Negative feelings are messengers.  They tell you the way you are acting is getting you further and further away from your place of well-being. 
  • STOP IN YOUR TRACKS IF FEELINGS ARE NEGATIVE. Don’t argue.  Don’t open a dialogue about the feeling.  Don’t explain the reason for the feeling.  Just STOP!  Remember the morning of quiet and how good you felt. 
    • Try re-wording  your situation.
    • Can’t do that?  Try finding something else to do that feels better than the negative situation.
    • Keep searching until you feel better.  A better feelings means you are heading in the direction of well-being, love, joy and happiness.  Stay on that track.

There are examples in the book, GETTING TO HAPPY: Learn to Read Emotional Messages.  As you think of irritating events or feelings that you encounter during this holiday time, please leave a comment and I will be glad to do my best to address your particular challenge.

I cannot change situations I experience each day, but I can change the way I think about it and how I respond to it.  For me, it makes all the difference.

Happy Holidays!