Brighten Up Your Winter Days’

Light seems limited in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. We can find ourselves feeling sluggish, a bit sad at times, … a little imbalanced. You probably already use ways to help bring your spirit up to a happy, loving, functioning human being. I like to leave lights on in the room I’m in, and, yes, wear brighter clothing, tidy up and leave bright, warm decor around the house to remind me to support my happiness.

For instance, I am tempted to sit and read news articles. After all, I am civic minded. But after a few minutes I observe fearful feelings about so many things, I feel tired, I feel gloomy. I have observed the same message almost any time I read the news. My emotions keep sending me similar feelings of unrest, anxiety, helplessness.

I would rather set my focused activity in preparing breakfast, enjoying what I’ve made, and I bundle up to go outside to see what delights I can find. …trees, bushes, sky, air, sunshine or raindrops, birds. …… I am certain I am on earth to enjoy all these things. And, I am sure my happiness creates a ripple effect for the earth, and at the very least for my family and those around me. I can make a difference by shining my light!

Keep On the Upward Track

Keep in mind, when you give into the gloomy days, there is not an automatic “bob back up to happy,” …especially when you are fighting against what you cannot change (at the moment). In this case you dig a pit making it hard to smile or see the sunny side of life. … sometimes for long periods of the day. Sometimes you encourage others to listen to your gloom and spread it all around.

But, there are some tricks to work around your situation

You can stop what you are doing and be kind to yourself for a few moments. Sound easy? It is when you stop long enough to change your talking, your actions, your thinking …. long enough to listen to your feelings. Long enough to recognize you have a friend in feelings, a director, who lovingly says, “Hey! Go have some fun for a moment or two!”

Your emotions can tell you when you are balanced (happy) and when you are unbalanced (getting no where). You can get the hang of this and make it simple. You can breathe, balance and go your happy way.

Touch base with your feelings at least four times a day: at meals and when you drive to and from work.

The more you observe your feelings, the building up of frustration, and the sooner you respond by letting go of whatever you are currently doing. … yes, actually stop what you are doing! ….. breathe quietly, allow the quiet … suddenly ….. if you pay attention …. you will notice your feelings have changed. You say, “I feel better.” …and then you return. ….and it feels so good. and you become more productive, more loving, a happy you!

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Another to think about this….

Try to activate a more positive feeling result….. ACTIVATE …. ACTIVITY …you can do something like walk away from the activity you are currently doing. Listen to your feelings. They are telling you to change whatever you are currently doing. You probably are out of balance with your good old happy self. The sooner you leave and try something more pleasing, like turning on music, playing the piano or guitar, drawing a simple picture, the sooner you will “bob up to happy”!

Stop, observe your feelings,

If you are feeling happy, support what you are doing and try to remain in this sphere as long as you can.

If you are feeling anxious, STOP what you are doing. Walk away. Find a quiet place . Listen to your breaths, your heartbeat, the fan blowing through your heater. Look in the mirror, give out your favorite, bright smile and say hello to your good old happy self! Allow a soft smile to return to your face. to Happy: Learning to read Emotional Messages to Happy: Learning to read Emotional Messages

Learn how to direct your emotions toward a happier, saner, more balanced life.

We are in this world together. We can make a difference whether we are home-bound or activists. What we have in common is the ability to love. We can do this!

Mama Llama Uplifters

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Notebooks for Historical 2020 Journaling

AT HOME ASSIGNMENT: Write in a notebook and describe your ordinary life, your emotional changes, your environment, your connection to nature, family, life.

How do you spend your day? What interests do you hold while you are at home? When do you feel the lowest? When do you feel fine? What have you learned about yourself during thee times?

Be sure to date each entry so you can look back with some clarity. When you don’t feel like writing, sketch your reactions to the day, doodle. Try to enter something each day until you have filled the notebook.

To help you, we’ve designed Labradoodle covers for your notebooks to keep you inspired, happy, upbeat and heading in the direction that is most helpful to you. You can even design your own cover, using a personalized template. Enjoy your life now. It is the only one you have. Be kind. Have fun. Stay happy!

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Q&A on Getting To Happy

Hello Again! I am still happily writing Getting To Happy and am making great progress.  Here’s a draft of questions and answers  readers might have about this book.  If you have others, please leave a comment and I’ll address your question or comment in this book!  Thank you in advance for your participation!


Q: How do I know if I am headed in a direction that will provide fabulously fun times?

A: Easy! Look for what feels good and follow that path!

Q. Why this particular topic?

A: See what will happen when we place a moratorium on negative thinking. Become aware of how we feel when we hear negative thoughts. How will we feel when we turn them into alternative positive viewpoints? Let’s ease into awareness of our surroundings. Our goal is to let your positive attitudes lead the way for the sake of happiness, not for getting things we want, and think we don’t have. We will focus on our peace, our abundance and quality of life. I have never regretted time spent looking at the brighter side of life!


Q: I don’t have any serious problems, what good will this book do for me?

A: We all have concerns from time to time. We’re brought up to think this is the normal way of living. Many of us focus on health issues, family issues, lonely issues, work issues, dissatisfaction issues, money issues, fix-it syndrome and always a what’s next energy going on. All of these issues come as thoughts to us. We have opinions about our particular situations and our opinions affect our lives. There will always be a what’s next opportunity urging us along. We are here to enjoy life. These sessions will help us expand our understanding of what it means to enjoy life!

Q: I’m happy until someone comes along and makes my life miserable. I don’t see how you can help with that!

A: I can help you realize that what you interpret about another person comes from yourself, not the person you focus upon. You will learn to recognize your attitudes that led up to this irritation. We will focus on just this topic. You probably think it would be wonderful if you could hide away and not have to meet up with anyone who irritated you, but then you might be missing opportunities for growth and great, wonderful experiences with people, places and things that irritate you but could expand your life! We will take time to see if this might be true for you!


Q: I’m happy until someone tells me I’m naive. I feel pretty stupid to want to be happy and not face reality. I feel life is meant to be hard. Can you help with this?

A. Yes. No one knows you the way you know yourself. No one has lived your life up to now. You are to create and choose your path whether or not others agree with you. Of course, you cannot do others harm, but we are not talking about negative responses to others. We are talking about having the courage to follow your dreams, your desire to live a happy life, no matter how many people chuckle at your endeavors. Never give up! Stay on your course!

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” – Goethe

The chapters will cover your feeling that life is meant to be hard. Is that what you really feel? Perhaps you have learned to give up trusting your own judgement. You can never allow the happy life you were meant to live if you give up your happiness in order to be friends with others. This is a great question and we will spend time developing plans to allow happiness even when it appears to offend our friends. You also brought up another important premise that gets in our way. You said life is designed to be hard. Actually, negative thinking is a lot harder than positive thinking. You can move pass struggle and pain to a better more satisfying world of cooperation, ease with the flow of energy and create well-being. This will be incorporated into our chapters.

Q: How do these chapters help me in leading my company to a new level?

A: It has everything to do with great, inspirational leadership. When you use your emotional navigation system, you will teach this system to those you lead by example. You will refrain from complaining to your colleagues, acquaintances, confidants and family members about your day. Complaints will keep you right where you are, in a situation you want to get out of. You will not solve your complaint by complaining (one negative plus one negative equals two negatives. But one negative plus two positives is heading in the right direction). When you learn your emotional navigation system, you are able to navigate to a solution that almost seems magical. Not only will those you lead benefit, you will notice a more successful organization and profitability. We were not meant to struggle. We were meant to enjoy the act of creation. It is meant to be fun. You have experienced this exhilaration, or you would not still be a leader. Use these chapters to enhance what you have started.

Q: I have recently lost my job and I am panicked I won’t find another job. I can’t imagine this book can help me?

A: Well, it can. You may not realize it, but look at your words,“lost” and “panicked”. These words are holding you hostage to a situation you really don’t want. Is there a softer way to talk about your situation. Let’s try.

My job has recently terminated. I’ve had new circumstances before and they have been life-changing. I found myself in situations that were better than the one I felt I lost. I am feeling a bit excited to see what new experience awaits me! I know I’ll have to watch my nickels and dimes a bit more carefully for a while, but not for long. I’m free to expand! Wow, that feels better. Life always treats me with such joy and I know this is true now. Here’s my new statement:

My job ended unexpectedly. I realize now that I was ready to move on, even if it is now uncomfortable. Each time I accept the situation I find myself in, life opens up new, exciting horizons! I know I’ll be fine as I explore new opportunities that are ready for me! I feel comfortable in knowing I always am in control of my attitude. I am ready to enter a new phase of my life. It feels fun. It feels exciting.

Re-word your thought process, especially when it comes to conversation with others. This will open up new opportunities for improving your situation.

Set a date to begin this book. You might invite a colleague or group, perhaps a book club, a faith-sharing group, a hiking or camping group, or the like, to join you in your quest for happiness and watch what transpires. I recommend you meet after each chapter, if you are using this book within a group setting. This book is meant to be practiced. Each time you read you will understand a deeper level.

Congratulations on taking this step toward greater enjoyment while you are on earth.


Looking forward to publishing this book by December.