Want to lift your spirits today?

Whatever you think you know, there is more if you look just beyond your “go to” thoughts*.

And, one thing I like to do –and it sometimes annoys people– is look from different points of view.  I like to sit in a different chair in our house.  Or, I like to write from different rooms.  I have favorite spaces throughout my house where I like to paint on an iPad, or work on a desk top. 

I love to try new things on the computer and it often gets me into temporary challenges, with people around me shaking their heads.  Yet I persist.  

Other times, I use my left hand to eat or draw.  The idea here is to get a new perspective which leads to  new, interesting adventures.


  • Go-To Thoughts are unconscious, repetitive conversations issued from your brain.  You can think of them as screen savors.  They replay automatically and are seldom noticed.  Read on for more about Go-To Thoughts.

Become aware of your Go-To-Thoughts.  Here’s how–

  • Choose a special goal or talent you wish you could achieve
  • Write this line over and over fifteen times.  Insert the goal or talent you are working on.
  • Here’s the sentence:

“I am a creative, talented and impressive ___________________ (writer, artist, philosopher, landscaper, housekeeper, etc).”  

  • Write each word carefully and for a moment try to believe the words to be true.
  • Pause between each sentence and listen to see if there are soft thoughts emerging.  Perhaps like,”What are you writing this for?  Who do you think you are?”
  • Let your thought be heard.  Don’t worry what they are.  Keep writing until you can hear your thought reactions to what you are writing.  If they come out positive,  you reinforce can be pretty sure you have a  positive connection with your goals, and you’re heading in a good direction. If they come out judgmental, then you can get an idea of how these unconscious thoughts may be getting in your way.  You may begin to understand your struggle is coming from within and not from others or outside situations.
  • This is a fun and hopefully, helpful exercise to break from the old and grow into the new.  Newness of life is what gets you in touch with your spirit. …and that is what lifts you up!  My humble opinion, anyway.  


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