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Hi, we’re Manny and Barbara, from Camano Island. Each day brings to us new perspectives of seeing the best in each other and in our days as retired elders. Love is forever young and enduring. Creativity is the product of love. Hope you enjoy our site. And: Thanks for visiting!

AbuNana.com | Love
AbuNana.com | Love

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Hi, I’m Barbara! Previously an executive director of an eye clinic and ambulatory surgery center. (24 years!) I retired at 72. The adjustment came slowly, but enticingly. sweet. Each day I held on to the excitement of creating new designs, new ideas in writing. ….new dreams of design, music, writing and singing. —and designing this website. I gradually gave time to these passions.

Manny says hello too! He’s more than the wind beneath my wings!

Hope we can inspire you!

Be Kind! Have Fun! Stay Happy!

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