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Even in crazy times

One thing you can count on: you will be challenged each day of your life.

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How you perceive a situation determines your ability to successfully handle a challenging event. And, how you perceive depends on your past experiences and how your brain has reacted in the past. In other words, how your brain has categorized your past experiences, influences how you will respond to similar challenges.

blur close up drip drop
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You may have heard the saying, Don’t cry over spilt milk. What does it mean? Perhaps this: the milk has already spilt. Clean it up and let go of past feelings of parental disapproval. That’s the purpose of the milk spilling challenge! You can easily meet the challenge by letting go of past misinformation. You are given an opportunity to change, to free up your daily life.

persons pointing at the numbers on the invoice
Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

What about a bigger challenge. What about a bill in the mail. How do you react? Do you suddenly feel fearful? Maybe you can’t pay it right away? Maybe you’ll forget to pay it? Maybe you wish there was an easier way to live from week to week. What if you don’t want to cry over monthly bills?

Pause. Remember the times you were young and unsure of how to budget your life, let alone your lack of wealth. Take a moment to reflect the amazing lessons of bringing needed money in and allotting money to be spent in ways that keep you away from worry.

Whenever a challenge is particularly loud with worry, you know it is important to find out what you dread about this event. Jot down words that resemble fear.

Love is an emotion that can dispel old, unfavorable, fearful emotions. We

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How would I describe myself?

How would you describe yourself to someone who can’t see you?

Sensitive, focused on the moment, authentic, helpful. You may want to dismiss me if you run in linear vibes. I am gifted to inspire.

Ability to be with happiness
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Connection is not always easy, but …

Thinking about connection @AbuNana.com
Thinking about connection @AbuNana.com

Think of yourself as a wire with connections to other humans, nature, projects, self-care and more.

Without connection you are unable to participate in life.

This design reminds us of an action like “Be Brave”, or “Get Going”, or Plug In Now” personalize your action and help make life worth living.

available on 

158 styles

or 2 products

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Best of feelings – Joy!

Best of Feelings - Joy, designed by AbuNana.com
Best of Feelings – Joy, designed by AbuNana.com

Can you remember a time you were filled with joy.

Was it when you were listening to a favorite song? When you were with a favorite person? When you were alone in your garden?

Can you unpack your experience of joy to remember what was taking place?

For me, I have a spiritual, non-physical experience of inner expansion. I feel comfortable, satisfied, thankful. It’s who I am. It is like I am at peace body and soul.

It doesn’t have to be a great big old happy feeling. It can be a simmering good feeling of peace, of being a part of all that is, with no exclusivity. It is worth trying to find joy.

When you walk away from the joy that is an innate part of you, you feel off, feel dissatisfied, restless. I have thought these uncomfortable feelings are like a little dragon nudging me away from what I was doing, thinking, saying.

Baby Shower begins with JOY! @AbuNana.com #ZazzleMade
Baby Shower begins with JOY! @AbuNana.com #ZazzleMade

I have thought these anxious feelings are asking me to turn away and pause my life a bit …. Give myself a chance to locate and enjoy JOY.

Hope these brief words inspire you to look within and find your heaven. I have created a design to acknowledge the joy always available to you! I hope you enJOY!

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Did you realize you live in space?

We keep talking about outer space. It may sound like a silly question, but: How mindful are we of earth as apart of this “outer space”. We live as part of the universe. as we know it, and as we aren’t yet to know it. Do you think we can let go of all the stuff that covers our most excellent adventure? Can we let go of things preventing us from experiencing a beautiful life on Earth?

We are living on an amazing planet! We are living now within a most miraculous display of nature. Today, roses will blossom, really become something they weren’t yesterday. You will change too!

We Live In Space Collage Graphic #AbuNana.com. #ZazzleMade


We can do anything! We can have the adventure of a lifetime right where we are….. because we ARE in space! Live today like you realize this free reality! Let go of what you look like, what little challenge you are facing. Embrace the space you are in!

We live in space! AbuNana.com Blog
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Start your day with quiet expectation…

See above mug: Woman and a Bird

Hello. My name is Barbara Dean Aliaga. What you are about to read comes from my current life experience and from the solitude I so much enjoy. I share with you these words in hopes they will spark a conversation within a spectrum of your calm self.

Even if only for a few moments, start your day alone. Sit on the side of your bed and take reassuring breaths. Smile. Think thoughts of comfort, gratitude and joy as you breathe. …just 5-10 minutes.

Encourage the sensitive side of your personality. If you think about it, today we need individuals who are aware of a large, inclusive picture. We need you to make time for your heart.

Your sensitive side is available to everyone to some degree. Some are just born with traits which help us see beyond the mere physical. Our environment also helps us make choices about how we want to behave. Life is a wonderful gift, one I feel I want to share.

When I am quiet for a bit, I find joy. It seems like it is just waiting to meet up with me. So, i’m wondering about you. Do you lead with your heart today? If I’m writing about things in which you have no resonance, please take a couple of moments and read to the end.

Even if you think sensitivity to others and to the world around you is non-sense, what if you keep your heart as your confidant. When you have an urge to get even, or make your truth known, take time out with a cup of tea or coffee or just a glass of wonderful, ice-cold water.

Check in with the sensitive inclination. Take a breath and make this a better day for you and for the world!

Start your day with a cuppa!

Birthday Morning Mug AbuNana.com
Birthday Morning Mug AbuNana.com
Create Your Own Cup @AbuNana.com  https://www.zazzle.com/z/43c0x8ki?rf=238066275954971221
Create Your Own Cup @AbuNana.com https://www.zazzle.com/z/43c0x8ki?rf=238066275954971221
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Mothers Day Gifts — Get Ready

Flower Coffee Cup For Her Acrylic Painting Gift

Mothers Day Gifts @AbuNana
Mothers Day Gifts @AbuNana

Edit your new flower coffee cup gift for her. Wildflowers and poppies surround and warm the cup and makes a awesome gift for years to come.any day can be Mother’s Day.

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Allot a budget for art decor!

Life becomes pretty confusing when you can’t find inspiration, fun, enthusiasm, love. Actively placing and renewing pieces of artwork helps to revive your zest for life! Go out and create something!

As they say, life is not a dress rehearsal. I have known for a long time we choose the paths we walk on. Sometimes, we aren’t aware of what we chose so we suffer until we understand it is not too late to turn around.

Just do it! …another saying that helps if we let it. Just choose a path that leads away from fear, discouragement, soreness of spirit. Choose a path that helps let us breathe and allow the beauty around us.

Today, give it a go. Be the captain of your ship. What path will you take?

Take a look at some ideas we think you’ll like!

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Newest Floral Collection

Cute, Pretty Floral Bouquet Graphic Illustration.

I was in a playful mood and explored the delights of digital watercolor capabilities. Amazing! …and so not messy. This is a cute, pretty floral bouquet. This graphic illustration is fresh, confident and fun I hope you enjoy your day!

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I am awake. I am making peace with love. What does this mean to you?

Today I am breathing and taking time to notice. I like to be aware of being-ness. — of participating in the outer space and inner space of my existence. Can you find ways to connect with your existence.

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20XX Abstract Graphic Art Print

Celebrate the year you graduate, your birthday, an anniversary, a new career,. This graphic illustration explores community, nature, color, life. Celebrate the great abundance. Celebrate this special year with gratitude

Style: Kids’ Basic T-Shirt 

Wait ’till you get this tee on your kiddo, it’ll take his everyday style to a whole new level–especially when you customize it with your own design.

2023 Graphie graphic art print kid's T-shirt
2023 Graphie graphic art print kid’s T-shirt

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L O V E, A Challenge To Confusion

Love one another.  Affirmation t-shirt. AbuNana.com https://www.zazzle.com/z/av58nehq?rf=238066275954971221
Love one another. Affirmation t-shirt. AbuNana.com

What stands in the way of love? Answer this question and you will have successfully challenged your confusion .

What stands in the way of love? Fear is my answer. Fear stands in the way of love when I refuse to see why it shows up in the first place. Fear blocks out the warm, content, good-feeling rays of love. When fear rattles my cage, I don’t like it. Yet, I feel confused about it and unaware how to change the feeling.

Fears are like clouds. Fears come from me as some sort of caution sign. Fears hold my attention. If I ignore feelings of fear, they make me feel uncomfortable, like I’m thrown around by the waves you see in the above picture.

I sometimes compare these gray-feeling moments to having the flu. If I take better care of myself the fears subside. I seem to be unsure of tools of fear prevention, but I know I’m on the right track when I stop whatever I’m doing or thinking.

What might be these lessons? I know my lessons have to do with awareness of my dis-alignment with my best-better-fair-not so fair-self. An example, I want to call an old friend, but I am fearful so don’t call and begin to feel bad about loosing friends over the years. A simple call would challenge this fear. Once I tend to my fear, it dissipates. I return to alignment and am at peace. Because I have lived many moments of peace I know it’s possible to be at peace from within.

There are moments I experience beautiful unity with the best, most loving of myself. In these moments, all of me are in gorgeous harmony. I sense no longer am I at odds with myself, but one happy character.

Whenever i stop and explore and tend to my fears, I no longer am conscious of conflicting feelings. I am aware the waters have calmed and all is well.

I wonder if these words are clear enough. Are you reading this, aware of the fluctuation between feelings of love and fear? For me, it is a continual and deeply important internal conversation.

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When I find myself alone:

Gather my crayons and color book!

Gather my crayons and color book!
I'm leaving home today.
My apple tree is full of blossoms
Softly bewitching my sight,
Oh, it's good to have such a delight!

I'm leaving home today.
To visit my favorite tree.
The tree is growing just like me,
Its bark is bursting at the seams.
Oh, it's good to sit with these daydreams!

There’s sap oozing escaping its seams.

What's this? A tiny, green worm,
inching its way to my book
I see it has set its course
on the flower near the babbling brook!
Oh, it's good to have such a good look!

Oh, what a special place I’ve found.

My color book is on my lap.
Crayons hanging in a bag.
My feet against the tree trunks,
My back eased.
Oh, it's good to be so pleased!

My worm leaves, a pattern of holes

I've run away from home
To the birds, butterflies, worms.
They know where I am and find interest in me.
A butterfly is not too busy to land and say hi.
Oh, it's good to be gentle and shy!

As I begin to color, I add some shadings
And then I add kitties and doodles of joy.
I draw my family sitting with me in the tree.
We hang out and laugh, and sing, we are free!
Oh, it's good to leave home today!

…. and I’m glad to return home, I might say!
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Not Just A Deck Of Cards!

It is a happy talent to know how to play.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you looking for a simple, fun gift? An artistic, personalized deck of cards, offers hours of fun and a brief thought of you throughout the year. Kee the fun alive with your careful choice of a gift. It can be so meaningful, yet simple! Check out our current collection of playing cards.

Lady Luck Playing Cards with custom text @AbuNana.com
Lady Luck Playing Cards with custom text @AbuNana.com

Pickleball Playing Cards } Zazzle.com/AbuNana
Pickleball Playing Cards } Zazzle.com/AbuNana

Border Collie Personalize Text @AbuNana.com
Border Collie Personalize Text @AbuNana.com

Mother and Child Giraffe, Playing Cards at AbuNana.com
Mother and Child Giraffe, Playing Cards at AbuNana.com

Age of Love Playing Cards @AbuNana.com
Age of Love Playing Cards @AbuNana.com-

Doberman Pinche Playing Cards @AbuNana.com
Doberman Pinche Playing Cards @AbuNana.com l

Eagle personalize Text @AbuNana.com
Eagle personalize Text @AbuNana.com

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Introducing Instant – Downloads @ZazzleMade

Make your next moments effortless with our new downloadable, editable templates. Easy-to-use and infinitely customizable, Instant Downloads make creating and sharing content better than ever before.

Instant Downloads – Personalize


Infinitely customizable before and after purchase

Instant Downloads – Unlimited Downloads
Black and white Border Collie portrait template. Now Downloadable @ZazzleMade

Unlimited Downloads

Available in PNG, JPG, Standard or Print PDF format

Instant Downloads – Print & Share

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Guest Artist: SmallCity

Sleepy Little Baby Elephant Throw Pillow

Please feel free to adjust all the suitable options as you wish. #Cute #Adorable #Silly #Funny #Wild #Animals #Cartoons #Kids #Teens #Doodle

Cute Sleeping Fox Throw Pillow

Please feel free to customize all the available options as you wish. #Adorable #Sleeping #Resting #Moon #Stars #Midnight #Livestock #Artistic #Animals #Children #Kids

Adorable Sleeping Little Sheep Throw Pillow

Please feel free to personalize all the available options as you wish. #Cute #Creative #Artistic #Vibrant #Abstract #Drawing #Doodle #Animals #Livestock

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Mindful Morning Mugs

Want to find a new cup to lift your spirits? Or, maybe you want to mark a special someone’s birthday, so you can keep in touch from miles away. I use the one below. Its color and carefree painting makes me feel all smiling inside.

I think of these little extra, new cups as props brighten the day! You might like it as a reward for handling all the daily activities in your life with a smile.

Whatever you may like to do, we thank you for considering purchasing any of our products.

Birthday Morning Mug AbuNana.com
Birthday Morning Mug AbuNana.com


This project began with paying homage to our last dog, Sammy. Since then we have created many characters who fit snugly into our imaginary red sweatshirt.

It’s just the thing to brighten up cold, winter days. …and cool Summer nights, for all our Aussie family.

Confidence booster , red sweatshirt tiger. AbuNana.com

See more of the characters in red T-Shirts

Wearing A Red Sweatshirt

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Keep Trying … and Celebrate Your Effort

Today’s most popular items ….

AbuNana’s Latest Creations

Rascality’s Latest Creations

Cusionarium’s Latest Creations

Affirmation101’s Latest Creations

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Today’s Popular Christmas Gifts

It’s not too late to create a personalized gift! Here’s some ideas you may like.

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Countdown of Our Favorite Gift Collections

Number 5

Number 4

Number 3

Number 2

Number 1

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You might really like this T-Shirt

This T-Shirt has limitless possibilities, when we say personalize, we mean it!

Create Your Own T-Shirt @Zazzle.com/AbuNana
Create Your Own T-Shirt @Zazzle.com/AbuNana

  • Do you have 5 favorite photos of your pet? your artwork? your vacation?spot? your hikes?
    • If they are not already uploaded to your computer, do it now.
    • Crop any photos you want to get a closer look.
  • Find the “Personalize” Button
    • Upload your photo for our photo.
  • Change the Text to what you want
  • Look at your new product and when you are satisfied, click your cart to make your purchase. And you are done!

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Guest Designers: Fire Dragons

I keep thinking about the many myths about dragons, and how use this imaginative creature to explore what comes from within. How will we tame our dragons? How will we create wonderful, adventuresome growth through knowledge of our dragons?

Today we are offering several guest creators #ZazzleMade for your perusal. We hope you will find these symbolic designs helpful to hang your thoughts around allowing peace and happiness within your world. …perhaps your curiosity will be peaked.

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Living Successfully With Our Energy Dragons

A Reading from the first half of this page. I hope you enjoy. Please let us know if you like the readings.

Let’s try this on for size.  You hear a lot about the importance of staying in the present moment: at home, at work, at play.  But its not as easy as it sounds.  Being present to the moment takes more than a bit of consciousness.

And, what do you think takes us away from the present moment?

I propose fear. Fear can be a security guard who won’t let us enjoy our presence, without passing the bravery test. And, I propose fear’s co-guard, guilt, who identifies our lack in endless ways.

How do we awakened from unconsciousness.

When we were children, we had conversations with ourselves.  We were delighted by the little bug we saw and the clouds that looked like a bunny.  We loved to say, I love you, Mommy.  I love you, Daddy.

Something happened as we grew up.  We found consciousness too painful, and we put ourselves on auto drive.  We tried to numb ourselves back into comfy, cozy unconsciousness. …until we were rudely shaken with life’s situations. And now, we believe the situations we find ourselves in reflect our greatness or weakness.

Yet situations, of themselves, are neither good or bad.

Open the entire collection of Fire Dragon Symbolism Products

I’ve been thinking.... ooo, that is problematic right there!  Thinking is not necessarily a sign of consciousness, the thought process can continue when we are unconsciousness.  I’m pretty sure thinking continues on and on, like a looping video without us even knowing about it. How else could we spend countless hours what we call social media.

If these episodes are not recognized and redirected, we may be doomed to live outside of the present moment and imprisoned within the pseudo-world of yesterday and tomorrow.  Now that’s a gloomy picture to start out your day!

As you awaken to your current situation, you may wonder why you can be so happy at some times, and then, find yourself feeling sad, hopeless, anxious. Are you aware these little tapes may be running on loop, right now?

You might consider that there’s been a whole series of episodes of previous life experiences playing, actively dialoguing with the whole of your body.  

Every cell is affected by these messages.

It seems to me, life is a delicious adventure, with awakenings to new ways of thinking about ourselves and the world around us. As I have gone through my lifetime as Barbara, dealing with symbolic angels and dragons within my very being is a reality.

As I have awaken to a new level, I see what I now know. This constant adventuring and changing from what I have learned gives me great hope for myself, my family, my friends, my country and all humans who i may disagree with. It is within our nature to learn from doing.

Fire Dragon Myths

The concept of slaying your dragons does not appear to work, however. When we don’t listen it comes back with more intensity.

Fight or flight doesn’t appear to work. One war does not stop all future wars. There appears to be a hopeful truth, however. Perhaps, with great respect, we try to tame our dragons with love, joy, and openness to all humans? What if we are to allow more kindness and less judgment, accusations, defensive arguments. Explaining to others how wrong they are, only has led to rudeness, anger, social discord.

Compassion harmonized with beautiful strength seems to be where my life adventure is unfolding. I am challenging fears with respect to my inner dragons. They become louder as I have ignored them. It appears this is the built-in safe-guard I have created.

Again, fighting or closing out those who don’t agree with me does not promote growth,

Joy, love, understanding, and fear. This fear is not a sign I should run or fight. More and more I suspect my fears are signs I am about to enter a grand new adventure! This adventure is a substantial training ground: should I face each fearful surprise … like a broken down house, or broken bodies, or fears of losing loved ones? give me new insights.

In other words, my dragons guard the treasures of life. With the many myths, stories, dramas, we are taught how to live rich, brave lives. Whether we are aware or not, we may be going through our magnificent opportunities. We just need to remember to go where fools fail to tread, be not afraid. We can do this, if we are prepared with love, hope, belief, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, inclusiveness, laughter, gentleness, and understanding we will make mistakes, for adventures always teach us more.

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World Changes One Step At A Time 👍


According to news media, we don’t always change the world for good.

  • We don’t change things for good when we war against what we want changed. It just doesn’t work! Wars usually create more trouble than good: war against drugs, war against climate change, war against poverty, war against racism, etc. We sometimes focus so forcefully on what we don’t like, we inflate our problem for ourselves and others.
  • Also, I don’t think we change what we don’t like by making people afraid. We get people’s attention by means of fear, but we don’t change the lifestyle of people we are scaring. We create focus on what we are afraid of, like building walls around countries, or locking up people we are afraid of, or even killing people we fear. Fight or flight. It seems like news stories consistently ignite human fear.

The solution is simple!
We can solve challenges, make changes, in a more calm, peaceful, loving way!

I tell myself: Changes are made in MY world, by MY perspective!

  • I strive to live a peaceful life regardless of any person, place or thing.
    • A better way to say this:
      • I CAN live in a peaceful world, when I AM LIVING A PEACEFUL LIFE!

I have been groomed, reformed, refined, reprimanded, chiseled, quieted, asked to speak up, asked to change my mind, told I am naive, until I have felt it hard to sing my song!

Sing a song, keep it simple, keep it strong. Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad. (Song I remember from the Carpenters).

So here it is. I primarily work in collaboration with myself.

I delight when I see other humans who share this intuitive understanding. We often pass along our way and acknowledge the other.

Our world does change one step at a time. It changes in ways we like when we allow the change we want into our own life.

To Sum Up: Here is a poem I came across yesterday on Facebook.

My grandmother once gave me a tip:

In difficult times, move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don't think about the future
or what may happen tomorrow.

Wash the dishes.
Remove the dust
Write a letter.
Make a soup.

You see?

Advance step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Rest a little.
Praise yourself.
Take another step.
And then another.

You won't notice, but your steps will. grow more and more.
And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

Author:  Elena Mikhalkova


Saturday’s a great time to hang back. After spending a bit of meditation, I found myself re-exploring AR. It’s good to take a change in occupations. (How most of your time is spent.)

Here’s the most recent

The walls and windows are really there. The artwork is from my iPad. With Aero I can put my digital artwork wherever I want. For example,

Now the fun begins. Where do we take it from here? Your comments are most welcome.

Happy Time with Augmented Reality AR

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Home, Sweet Comfort Home

There’s no place like home. These gifts bring home along, no matter where you go. ….feel good products.

The painting scene came from a one-of-a-kind, stucco home just west of the neighborhood drug store. It held an magical surprise for me whenever I passed on the way to school. And, I always glanced into the windows of the house to discover the occupants.

It felt like home, sweet home.

Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

: Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

: Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

. : Come in and see all the comfy home designed products…..

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Gratitude Gifts for Grandkids

The sunset of life is shining brightly, the day we find we are going to be grandparents! —- AbuNana

We are here to help celebrate one of life’s most beautiful miracle … a new member of your family! Here’s an idea… Artwork! Choose and buy special baby gifts from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the Grandparents Club! You have found the on-line boutique where designers live! Take a look at these beautifully designed bodysuits with templates to customize names from Trendy Finds @ZazzleMade for your grandchild …


See more like this
Choose more like these
Watch this collection grow
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Popular Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball is quickly taking hold of a popular form of team exercise! Have you ever tried the game? Are you hooked? The people we have talked to meet at least once a week to play in a club. There’s an old tennis court on Camano that has been transformed into a Picketball Court club! It’s definitely popular with old and young.

We were first introduced to Pickleball before the Pandemic. Manny joined the YMCA, and even though he could not participate in the sport, he designed and I added digital touches to a cartoon pickle for the group who were playing.

Now that the Pandemic is subsiding, Pickleball is more popular than ever! Do you know people who play Pickleball?

Customize your text to make it how you like it

Customize your text to make it how you like it!

Eagles hold special symbolic energy for us. You may be interested in our newest Eagle creations. …we are working on more with happy inspiration! We love our chosen occupation!

See you soon!


Prices Rising, Lesson on Change

Yesterday … today … and … tomorrow, I am going to hear about rising prices! …from a news story, a friend, a salesman, social media and other surprise places.

This morning, I thought it interesting to remember statistics are compared to past timelines. Prices are at an all time high! What will I do? I’m responsible for others! …. I need to remember prices are simply compared to previous prices. It is like calling me back to times long ago. I am aware of the fear impact tapes now running through my head. I like sharing my past stories, but I don’t want to go back.

I feel alerted to take notice though! …to worry! …to plan! …to feel helpless! …to doubt my great heroic self!

But take a look at a bigger picture. Prices have always risen. It doesn’t matter who in the government, neighborhood, family is in charge.

What if I lived with the reality of prices rising? How would this acceptance change my attitude?

With age can come wisdom! Prices increase, taxes increase, and salaries increase. I feel a need to stop listening to empty threats of doom, and listen to my heart.

When I can memorialize times I met my financial needs, … when I had food on the table, I lessen my focus on concern.

The main thought for me is this: I wish to balance what I hear and read with quiet moments of listening to my inner assurance of love.

Know of a little one on her way?
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Halloween Party Essential Accessories

It’s not too late to order on-line, on-demand, designer Halloween party supplements. Act today. OCTOBERSPOOK savings end today!

Bring some excitement into your family’s life. But don’t put it off. You still have time!

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We hope you enjoy these beautiful wedding invitations! A couple of days ago, Manny and I celebrated 53 years together. Our advice: keep lighthearted humor, compassion, kindness and forgiveness woven into the days ahead!

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Guest Creators | Wedding Plans ”

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Do you set your goals, or do goals set you?

Goals like: Keep Clutter from Home Environment !

I have a love/hate relationship with keeping my home clean and uncluttered to my imagined standards. I often find myself feeling guilty for not taking care of every little thing a home demands. … according to my imagined standards.

I’m writing today to share with you what I want to avoid, and that is, imbalance. When I say imbalance, I mean I am happiest when my physical world is aligned with my non-physical world. So here are my thoughts worth sharing.

Shuttering with Cluttering

Have you ever walked into a room and felt sudden irritation?

Instead of blaming others, know it is a message coming directly from you. Look around. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is bothered by the state of the room.

In every moment there is an ebb and flow of tidiness/clutter! …Leftover dishes, empty bottles on a kitchen counter, papers, pencils, clothes on the floor or over a chair, shoes scattered around, etc.

We may not realize the thoughts triggered simply by seeing a messy sink.

When someone helps around the house and everything turns back to house beautiful, you breathe with quiet satisfaction! If you demanded that someone clean up their mess, their face tells you they don’t share your private standard, and don’t understand your sudden anger.

Don’t be surprised if you feel agitation when you don’t meet your standards. Avoid escalating this emotion which is trying to help you! It says: Something is off. So, SBYS (Stop before you speak)

Most times I can keep my surroundings reasonably tidy and clean, even with lots of cooking, art projects, on-going experimental projects. Keeping myself mentally balanced and reasonable, makes life enjoyable.

But once in a while, I find myself suddenly irritated by a room that was fine with me 10 minutes ago. Now I am irritated by the clutter.

Attention! Something’s off!

If I stop and think about this (become conscious of what is going on), I will receive and listen to unsettling feelings. Nervousness, agitation is sometimes awakened in my shadow memories, alerting me to uncertainty, dissatisfaction, self-disappointment.

Agitation is an emotional message.

I try to remember not to worry whether the irritation is about the people in the room, some memory, or the mess I see in the coffee table. I feel like yelling at the person in front of me! I remember in the knick of time to pause and take a deep breath!

Better retreat to internal self! Better stop for a moment!

I am wired to observe my ups and downs in life. Yet, when I feel off, I still need to make a conscious decision, every moment, to quiet myself down and choose the direction that feels better to me. Reword the phrases coming to me into softer responses.

Tidiness and Messiness are just examples of triggering these ATTENTION feelings. I translate these alert feelings as signs. I am not living in the way I have imagined I want to live.

I can either ignore the feelings by changing my goals. I can relax my standards and feel better. I can tidy up. I can take a nap and then meet my personal standards.

What I am learning more and more is this: I am the one who sets the goals for myself, … or let others set my goals. Goals have infinite possibilities.

I can change them, improve them, take a break from them, … it is up to me. I may wish to make a big change, a small change, or even ignore the whole thing, and take a nap or go for a ride!

A messy room is seldom an emergency. Sit back, breathe, and find many ways to talk about your wish for a room and the people you live with, plus your heavy schedules. Find a more gentler way to think about clutter and tidy areas, and decide if your standards fit who your are or want to be.

SUMMARY – Facing Your Created Goal Standard!

    • Something is off! You are not following your own goals OR
    • Your goals are not coming from you, they may be objectively set.
    • OR, somewhere in between
    • Tidy up to your happy satisfaction, OR
    • Change your standard to meet your current big picture goals
    • OR, somewhere in between.

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Creative Writing Challenge! Motivation Stimulus

About Designs

Personalize Art & Text Creative Writing 80-pg Note Notebook

A Creative Writing Notebook. What stories to tell when your imaginary tiger becomes your pet. Seems like there is plenty of material for a fun, comic tale! Put you and the tiger into your wonderful, world of thoughts. Inspire your readers. Use the personalize template to replace the artwork with a photo of your imaginary pet, or for a gift to inspire your creative friend. Change the text with the same personalize template. 


If you are so inclined, share some of your works with us, and/or share on your site or blog. Creativity helps encourage joy, love, play.

Creative Writing @AbuNana.com
Creative Writing @AbuNana.com
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Get Through Tough Times With Less Blaming!

In 2011 and 2018, I published Indy books to explore how we can rise above melancholy, disappointment and sadness. I still use these books to inspire and raise me above unwanted situations in my pursuit of happiness — joy, peace and love.

I try to choose my next direction by observing the present-moment and how I am feeling. I use this method:

  • Observe my feelings — where am I on the spectrum of feelings
    • Spectrum: excellent — great — happy — peaceful —joyful —content — fair — a bit down — sad — angry — frustrated — fearful[ — hopeless
  • Imagine how I want to feel right now
  • Use sentences containing words to match this
  • I purposely let go and choose these new thoughts until I feel better

Simply put, if in the moment I feel something bad or off, instead of focusing on external situations and attempting to physically correct the situation, I temporarily move away from the person, thing or place I am in. I reach for feelings that feel better.

My feelings are telling me about how far or close I am from my true forever-loving, best self. My feelings are a navigation tool coming from my ever-loving self: Wake up! Alert! You’re going the wrong direction! You are off!

And, what is the message to self?

The negative feeling tells me I am viewing people, places and things, quite differently than my true self sees them. I am being told by my feelings, I am way off, out of sorts, in stark contrast to my true self who lives in a balanced state of acceptance of good times and bad. I am able to allow and turn toward happy, joyful, loving thoughts in the midst of the shadows, contrasts, undesirables.

This has been my life’s Art-Board. I love feeling aligned with the feelings of my desires.

I believe feelings play an authentic part in helping me navigate through my days.

The High Sea of Life @AbuNana.com
The High Sea of Life @AbuNana.com

I am on the high sea of life, with many challenges. When I listen to and adjust my feelings I live a royal, happy life. When I find something that knocks me out of the kingdom, I find ways to remind myself how I wish to feel, which activates thoughts and words, until I feel better. I leave the worry, guilt, concern, gloom behind …. Even when it seems to be logical to remain in this negative, worrisome state.

In these senior years, I move around many layers of feelings during the day.

What continues to change for me is the fact that I would rather be happy, even in the midst of a storm from within. I have the power to change my mind and choose to do what makes me happy, even before I have achieved an external solution to a challenge.

I am confident the negative feeling attached to a particular person, place or thing, comes from within me. And, herein, is the important lesson:

  • I can wallow in the sorrow until I realize it is not in others, but in me!
  • I can choose stay in the situation and observe my feelings as I suffer.
  • I can choose to work through the situation, yet change my attitude toward the situation as something to work through with the enjoyment of improving my choices at this precise moment. …relief comes when I have chosen to leave behind whatever led me to this moment.

I spend a lot of time alone. I also reach out to others. It is in my alone time, I can get through tough times with less blaming of others.

I hope this helps you along your journey.

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Sing a little sunshine song!

It’s always a good idea to find something to smile about. Today, I’m showing you two designs. A picture tells a thousand words … perhaps about your inner emotions.

Are you able to sing a little sunshine song today? If not, what direction will you take to find the smile from within. It’s a happy surprise to get there by leaving the here you’re not currently liking.

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“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall.” – Ann Patchett

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“It is the glistening autumnal side of summer. I feel a cool vein in the breeze, which braces my thought, and I pass with pleasure over sheltered and sunny portions of the sand where the summer’s heat is undiminished, and I realize what a friend I am losing.” – Henry David Thoreau

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“If you want to make a statement, wear purple.” – Baron Davis

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Tap into the energy of who you have always been. Read More

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Stand Out With Your Unique Style! Custom Logo Supplies

Customize with your LOGO @AbuNana.com
Customize with your LOGO @AbuNana.com

Ideas for LOGO supplies

  • Stickers on gifts for your clients, patients, volunteers
  • Stickers to close inexpensive lunch bags for gifts or samples
  • Buttons for your staff
  • Fabulous cookie treats
  • Notepads

You may be in need of new, updated business cards, from our guest artists at Zazzle.

If you like what I put up here each day, please let me know what you are looking for in the way of gifts.

BTW I am still reading The Fire That Never Dies: Dragons of the West. When I was in my early 30s, I self-studied the works of Carl Jung. I also spoke with many of my friends and family to incorporate what I understood into my life. Matthew Markell seems to be expertly familiar with Carl Jung and also, Joseph Campbell, whose name is synonymous with mythology. I usually borrow from the library, but I fortunately bought this book and will be reading it over and over with appreciation.

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We have the power to be here on earth! Whatever you do, find your tiger.

Tigers cause me to pause …
I sense their connection …

to our earth … to their beingness … to me.
I am at once in awe …of their power …

of their wisdom and easy connection to our earth.

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Comfy, Cool, Calm = Confident


Each time you stop to eat or drink today, pause, take 3 deep breaths. And, observe your feelings as you align your thoughts to what you think comfy, cool, and calm feel like.
Won’t take but a minute. It’s like putting an oar in the river to get where you want to go!

Many colors & sizes, kids, women, men BUY NOW

Many colors & sizes, kids, women, men BUY NOW