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Start your day with quiet expectation…

See above mug: Woman and a Bird

Hello. My name is Barbara Dean Aliaga. What you are about to read comes from my current life experience and from the solitude I so much enjoy. I share with you these words in hopes they will spark a conversation within a spectrum of your calm self.

Even if only for a few moments, start your day alone. Sit on the side of your bed and take reassuring breaths. Smile. Think thoughts of comfort, gratitude and joy as you breathe. …just 5-10 minutes.

Encourage the sensitive side of your personality. If you think about it, today we need individuals who are aware of a large, inclusive picture. We need you to make time for your heart.

Your sensitive side is available to everyone to some degree. Some are just born with traits which help us see beyond the mere physical. Our environment also helps us make choices about how we want to behave. Life is a wonderful gift, one I feel I want to share.

When I am quiet for a bit, I find joy. It seems like it is just waiting to meet up with me. So, i’m wondering about you. Do you lead with your heart today? If I’m writing about things in which you have no resonance, please take a couple of moments and read to the end.

Even if you think sensitivity to others and to the world around you is non-sense, what if you keep your heart as your confidant. When you have an urge to get even, or make your truth known, take time out with a cup of tea or coffee or just a glass of wonderful, ice-cold water.

Check in with the sensitive inclination. Take a breath and make this a better day for you and for the world!

Start your day with a cuppa!

Birthday Morning Mug
Birthday Morning Mug
Create Your Own Cup
Create Your Own Cup
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Allot a budget for art decor!

Life becomes pretty confusing when you can’t find inspiration, fun, enthusiasm, love. Actively placing and renewing pieces of artwork helps to revive your zest for life! Go out and create something!

As they say, life is not a dress rehearsal. I have known for a long time we choose the paths we walk on. Sometimes, we aren’t aware of what we chose so we suffer until we understand it is not too late to turn around.

Just do it! …another saying that helps if we let it. Just choose a path that leads away from fear, discouragement, soreness of spirit. Choose a path that helps let us breathe and allow the beauty around us.

Today, give it a go. Be the captain of your ship. What path will you take?

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Newest Floral Collection

Cute, Pretty Floral Bouquet Graphic Illustration.

I was in a playful mood and explored the delights of digital watercolor capabilities. Amazing! …and so not messy. This is a cute, pretty floral bouquet. This graphic illustration is fresh, confident and fun I hope you enjoy your day!