Home, Sweet Comfort Home

Come in and see all the comfy home designed products….. There’s no place like home. These gifts bring home along, no matter where you go. ….feel good products.

Popular Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball is quickly taking hold of a popular form of team exercise! Have you ever tried the game? Are you hooked? The people we have talked to meet at least once a week to play in a club. There’s an old tennis court on Camano that has been transformed into a Picketball Court club! It’s definitely popular with old and young.

Prices Rising, Lesson on Change

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I am going to hear about rising prices! …from a news story, a friend, a salesman, social media and wherever. If you’re like me, I feel alerted to take notice! …to worry! …to plan! …to feel helpless! …to doubt my great heroic self!

Creative Writing Challenge! Motivation Stimulus

Personalize Art & Text Creative Writing 80-pg Note Notebook

Get Through Tough Times With Less Blaming!

Smooth Sailing @AbuNana.com. Get Through Tough Times With Less Blaming! I believe feelings play an authentic part in helping me navigate through my days.

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