We hope you enjoy these beautiful wedding invitations! A couple of days ago, Manny and I celebrated 53 years together. Our advice: keep lighthearted humor, compassion, kindness and forgiveness woven into the days ahead!

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I’m the lucky one! Positive Attitudes

I’m the lucky one! Keep positive attitudes in your thinking, in your speaking! Press on the animated picture below and see more like these.

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Guest Wedding Designer: The Barefoot Bride

I came across these beautiful, memorable wedding essentials this morning. Manny and I celebrated our 52nd Wedding anniversary this week Here’s what i found out about this artist.


theBarefootBride™ wedding invitation studio offers beautiful and unique wedding invitations and wedding suite stationery so that you can have a complete coordinating wedding ensemble that you choose and customize yourself – I’m thrilled to have my artwork and designs a part of your special events. I offer collections of personalized wedding invitations in various formats, save the date announcements, shower invitations, wedding thank you cards and stationery as well as decor paired with accessories for your special day – Have a Question? Need help? contact Deb theBarefootBride™ You can contact Deb at indy.designer@yahoo.com This designer does do custom work for a nominal fee.

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The Barefoot Bride