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2019 So Far…

Last year brought along a new experience called, retirement. I experienced emotions of various intensities ranging from relief to uncertainty, from exhilaration to disappointment and fear. As many of you know, I opened up a new company as a consultant and coach and began writing a book, “Getting to Happy: Learning to Read Emotional Messages”.

I have worked for as long as I can remember. I attach creativity and satisfaction to the word, work. It is an aspect of life I always want in my life. The business is still in the growth and public trust phase. But, writing has become most satisfying.

In the 80’s, one could self-publish. It was known as a Vanity book. The idea was to pay to be published. This never seemed like a good idea to me and I sought out publishers in those days.

In this decade, self-publishing has become a satisfying learning process. It takes work yet it is free. There are clear instructions at each level. It is encouraging to complete a project when you know there is the possibility of publication. I am holding in my hands, two books now available on One is new, the other is a second edition. What could be better for my retired ego than that!

Now for 2019, my husband and I have agreed to the rules, Be Kind, Have Fun, Stay Happy! It is a great tether to a sane life, even when dealing with others. The trick is in the ability to recognize the times when we are not kind, not having fun and not happy and the good sense to turn around and head towards what feels kind, fun and happy. This direction can only enhance our lives. It’s simple, a I could have had a v-8 kind of aha moment. We are easily returning to a kind, fun-filled, happy life style.

I am amazed when I see that happy times bring about more happy times. Likewise, when I place sadness to times I consider sad or irritating, I seem to bring about more sad and irritating times. Can it be this easy? I think it is.

So here is to a kind, fun and happy new year!

I have learned so much from self-publishing. I’ve learned how to create covers, how to format better-looking copy, how to improve pictures, how to provide b/w internal copy and color internal copy for more choices in print. Now we are awaiting the audio books, which will be available in early February.

If you have any questions about the book, I’ll be glad to answer them on this site. Have a great day!

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