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Commitment to Write: Day 1 February 2019

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Today I am committing to writing daily entries on during the month of February.

The power to engage with a goal is magnified when made public. I make the wish to happily fulfill this commitment.

To the degree you begin your day with a commitment to seek unity with your goals is the degree you succeed.

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Commitment is like diving into a pool, or beginning a speech or song in front of an audience. There is a moment of inner terror. If you can get beyond the emotion by changing your perspective for a spark moment, you succeed in happy, wonderful ways.

So on this first day of February, I am walking faithfully forward into a month of daily publishing.

Even though I do not know what each day in February will hold, I make this commitment. Now I feel excited, not fearful!

Even though I wonder whether I will find people who connect with my ideas. Now I feel courageous and it feels good.

Even though I don’t have a thing to write about today. Now I feel like I’m just stalling.

Break through! That’s what I hear. Allow the better feelings of confidence, bravery, excitement into my days of waning winter!

This month I will allow a deeper connection with what can be when in motion rather in a stalled, fearful position. It is time to prepare for spring!

Addendum: If you are so inclined, join me in this commitment. What are your thoughts?

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