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Spring Into A New You!

Time to Renew, Refresh, Reacquaint!
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Tai Chi Qigong Bear T-Shirts

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Commitment to Write: Day 23 February 2019

Quotes from Barbara Dean Aliaga

LEADERSHIP – Barbara Dean Aliaga

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be happy all the time? This is something we all want. And, we can be happy whenever we want to remember this: we have committed to a happier lifestyle. Loosen up with a smile! Smile as often as you can remember to.

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga
Job Satisfaction – Barbara Dean Aliaga

Be Real. Dare to share yourself, not an imitation of yourself, or someone you think everyone wants to see. Be yourself. It will make a difference to your customers, your co-workers and yourself!. Bravely be you!

Twenty-five Year Work Anniversary, Barbara Dean Aliaga
Understanding – Barbara Dean Aliaga

Happiness cannot coexist with negative concerns.  With negative attitudes we block happiness. With negative thoughts we tend to participate in unhappy situations creating road blocks to well-being. We react by feeling sorry for ourselves!

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga
Imitation –Barbara Dean Aliaga

By the way, happiness does not run away from us; we move away from it! Happiness lives within us at all times. Happiness is the fabric of who we are. It can’t go anywhere, but we can close off the source.

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga
Acceptance — Barbara Dean Aliaga

I can find myself a long way from happiness. This can occur when I am comparing myself to family, friends and coworkers. It is possible to reign these thoughts in. When I do, I can immediately enter the world of satisfaction and peace. Let go of fears and concerns, and enter the world of quiet, cooperation and love.

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga


What Feels Good – Barbara Dean Aliaga

 My world situation will always be what I allow my heart to inspire. 

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga
Emotions – Barbara Dean Aliaga

Accepting life as it reflects our words of thought is how we can live in the present moment. The present moment is our opportunity for happiness. 

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga


Words can be inclusive or exclusive to your family, coworkers, friends and neighbors. Words can stop your ability to communicate. Practice words supporting your goals!

GETTING TO HAPPY: Learning to Read Emotional Messages, Barbara Dean Aliaga

A personal word

Hello everyone. Thank you. Thank you! As I search for quotes today, I realize I love to write about happiness and well being. the writing keeps me on the course. You are my inspiration for writing..

I am in day 23 of this writing commitment. It isn’t that I did not write daily before now. Sharing creates this new, wonderful habit. After almost a year in retirement, I realize what I miss most is the sharing of ideas with a gifted working team.  I enjoyed bringing words of inspiration to those on the front line of service.  It was the best part of my job!  Now I use the  internet as a powerful tool for the purpose of personal growth. Thank you for being part of this transition!

Practice improves everything.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

― Kenneth H. Blanchard
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How do you interpret situations?

How we interpret situations provide different emotions

Available as audio blog post!


Today’s situation is gray but the evergreen trees and bushes remain loyal to the hope of lively days.  I am alone this morning.  Now there is time to fret over the future.  It’s time to research the best insurance plan for the upcoming year for my husband and me.  I haven’t focused on end-of-year taxes and that needs my attention. November is here.  I need to move on these two chores.  But I am not worried.  All good things come from within me.  I am at peace.

About a month ago, our dishwasher would not start. Wouldn’t it be fun to do dishes by hand for a while,? Sure, I liked it!  With Thanksgiving coming, a dishwasher would come in handy.  I looked up my make and model number on YouTube and found clear instructions how to exchange the starter strip.  This research took place about two weeks ago.  It needed to settle in.  I felt apprehensive.  Last week I purchased the strip and received it last Sunday.  Yesterday, after lunch, something moved me to begin work.  My husband, who is not well enough to make this repair, found the power screwdriver for me and sat close by.  He has always supported my efforts to fix things.  As a child, I could hold the tools for my father, while my brothers used the tools.  This did not go well with me.  I love to see how things work!  With quiet confidence I moved ahead.  One step in front of the other!  I used my iPhone flashlight, a pair of magnifying glasses and the YouTube video.  Within the hour, I fixed the dishwasher!

This situation was exhilarating!  I gave a lighthearted interpretation to this non-working dishwasher.  I looked on the brighter side: Fun to wash dishes by hand for a while; Fun to learn to fix an appliance. Interpreting the situation had been positive, from the time it broke to the time I fixed it.  My emotions followed suit.

A broken dishwasher could have created all kinds of worrisome thoughts.  I could fret over the fact I cannot not afford a repairman.  I could have gone on and on at how terrible my life is feeling at the moment and how sick I am of things breaking down.  My emotions could have felt very negative.  If I had not chosen to turn around to thoughts that were less based on worry, these negative emotions would become more intense.

In the book Getting To Better: Learning To Read Emotional Messages, we can read:

The element of surprise often awakens us from complacency where we coast away from a happy state. We sometimes think of happiness as an unconscious state. Happiness is conscious and when we drift away from consciousness, our emotions will relay our proximity to the happy state we wish to be in. The more negative our emotions, the further away we are from the state of happiness.

The emotions we experience with each situation can be helpful.  They can tell us how off track we are.  Think of emotions as non-judgemental guides stating the facts of your proximity to where you want to be.  Emotions are your friends.