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I am healing. Be kind.

Is there a time when some part of ourselves are not healing? The answer for me is, No. Why?

Our bodies are in a constant flux of building up and breaking down. Every time I restudy Anatomy and Physiology, I am amazed by the world system living within me.

It is normal to be strong and yet, vulnerable. It is normal to feel in fine health and yet, broken down. It is normal to feel broken and yet, In fine health. Learning more about our bodies from more than Ads on social media, may help us to appreciate the structure and working order of our life.

So, breakdowns in bodies, sudden situations, illness, accidents are a normal part of life, just as building up. When you accept this cycle you are in a better position to help others who are healing. You can be kind.

The timeline between building up and breaking down varies with each human. You cannot force a person from breaking down to building up. It is cruel to force another person to see their life from your point of view.

When we see another person clearly in their “break down” phase of life, let’s help support and encourage. I suggest these comments:

  • I’m here for you!
  • I’m sorry you are feeling alone during this hard time. How can I help?
  • Would you feel up to taking a drive to the beach, taking a walk, going to lunch, …what I call, a supportive action?

On the other hand, when you see someone in the “break down” phase, and it makes you want to run away …

  • Check your own fears and resist giving quick, no-pre-thought advice to fix the problem so you can get on with your life.
  • Don’t make a quick joke for the purpose of cheering up the healing person. This is not helpful.
  • Don’t ignore the person’s plea for help and bring up another topic to “cheer them up”.

Pay attention to the person speaking in front of you. Don’t pretend to listen.

Stop, become conscious of the person in front of you. Listen with your heart, and you can become a great support.

And, if none of this resonates with you. Perhaps you can benefit from watching, How To Remain Calm With People.